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You Can Rent A Cute Cottage On A Secret Island In BC With A Population Of 100

We'll take those outdoor showers, please.
You Can Rent A Cute Cottage On A Secret Island In BC With A Population Of 100

Sometimes you may feel like you need to escape the hustle and bustle of regular life and jet off to a mysterious private island that you can have all to yourself. This Savary Island cottage is the next best thing. The adorable property is located on Savary Island, and you'll be one of only 100 people on the whole isle!

Savary is a tiny island located in the Strait of Georgia, about 89 miles away from Vancouver.

It has a permanent population of just 100 residents, which means there isn't going to be any nosy neighbours bothering you in these digs. 

As per the listing, the cottage can sleep up to four guests, and it requires a stay of at least seven days. 

The home is boasting three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a convenient deck that will let you gaze out at the most stunning views of the ocean

The cottage also offers a magnetic view of Desolation Sound, a marine park just off Sunshine Coast.

Additionally, the cottage is also equipped with a full kitchen, Wifi services, and a disco ball. If you want to have a spontaneous dance party, you'll have exactly what you need. 

It really is the perfect getaway for anyone, whether you're needing some much-needed alone time away from other humans, or you want to take that destination vacation with your lover, BFFs or family members.

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Vancouver has plenty of events to keep you occupied, but sometimes it's nice just to do nothing at all. 

The listing explains that they are offering discounted rates for the off-season until April 2020. Prices start at just $290 per night.

During the summer season, the price-per-night jumps upwards, depending on your preferred dates.

So far, the property is fully booked for the months of June and July. If you want to savour a relaxing week by the waterfront on a secret island, now is your chance. 

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Savary Island has become a popular vacation spot for many Vancouverites looking to bask in gorgeous landscapes by the ocean. 

The isle is known for its stunning ecosystems, nature preserves and, of course, the swoon-worthy views of the ocean.

Whether you want to lounge on the sandy white beaches, walk your dog down the scenic trails or get into an absorbing beach read on the deck of the cottage, you can be sure you're going to be an unbelievably relaxing time. 

Airbnb Cottage On Savary Island

Price Per Night: $290 until April 2020

Address Or Neighbourhood: Lund, B.C

Why You Need To Go: If you want a super-relaxing vacation on a quiet, beautiful island, look no further!

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