If you grew up with Dr. Seuss, you probably have fond memories of his whimsical wording and fantastical creatures. To give you all the grown-up excitement and childhood nostalgia at once, a Dr. Seuss exhibit has launched and will soon be hitting North America’s west coast for us to enjoy. Dr. Seuss’ universe will be landing in Seattle and us west coast dwellers cannot contain our excitement. The Seattle Dr. Seuss experence will be opening soon for us to enjoy.

The spectacular exhibit opened in Toronto in October and it was everything you can imagine and more.

Bringing all of your childhood dreams to life, the unique experience will walk you through massive rooms that have been completely transformed into scenes inspired by Seuss’ classics. You’ll find a giant balloon maze, a field of clovers, a room filled with Sneetches, an enchanting forest of Truffula trees, and so much more.

Now, according to K5 News, the 15,000-square-foot exhibit will be travelling west to Seattle. Though the opening date has not yet been announced, we could not be more excited to hangout with the Cat-In-The-Hat on the west coast. Get ready for a road trip, Vancouverites. Dr. Seuss is worth the dirve. 

According to K5 News, the can't-miss exhibit will travel next to Boston, Seattle, Houston, and other North American cities.

Because we have no word on weather or not it will be coming to Vancouver (or back to Canada at all), we might as well hop on the oppertunity to take a trip to Seattle and witness Seuss' worlds in person.

People of all ages have been loving the Dr. Seuss experence and you'll be one of those people soon. Seattle is only about a three hour drive for Vancouver and this is the perfect excuse to make the trip.

If you're ready to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit in person, we'll be seeing you there. Honestly, it's what Instagram grid dreams are made of.

Dr. Seuss Exhibit

Price: TBA

When: TBA

Address: TBA

Why You Need To Go: Relive your childhood in the whimsicle world of Dr. Seuss and get some unqiue and beautiful photos to prove it.

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