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You Can Finally Get Shake Shack Burgers Near Vancouver And We're Already On Our Way

If you don't know, now you know 🍔🍟

It's a tragedy that Vancouverites don't have a Shake Shack to call their own. Luckily for them, there's one just a road trip away in Seattle! That really beats a trip to New York just to get your hands on some Shake Shack.

Not sure if a burger is worth the drive? If you've already had Shake Shack then you know that it's worth it. If you haven't had it yet, well, then consider that there's a ton of cool things to see and do in Seattle over a weekend like their Carnival-themed bar or to see the insane Amazon Spheres. Once you get a taste for Shake Shack there is no going back and you'll be road tripping down to Seattle as often as you can!

Shake Shack has a cult following. In NYC, people line up for hours at the OG Madison Square Park location just to get a taste of their burgers, hot dogs, shakes and crinkle-cut fries. Why is Shake Shack so popular? It just tastes good and they use high-quality ingredients. Plus, they grew from a little cart in the park to a worldwide burger empire in no time so they're a big success story that everyone wants to support. 

This is the first summer that we'll be able to road trip down to Seattle and get us some Shake Shack! This will definitely become an annual pilgrimage for foodies and burger-lovers all over Vancouver. Even though burgers are arguably a year-round favourite, there's something about eating burgers in the summer that just feels right.

To learn more about Shake Shack and maybe send them an angry email for not having a Vancouver location, check out their website.