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Seattle's Pioneer Square Is Where You Need To Go On Your Next Road Trip

If you haven't been to Seattle, you are seriously missing out. From the art to the culture, this city has it going on and it is incredibly close to Vancouver. If the amazing hippie vibes weren’t enough to get you in the car and on the road, then Seattle's Pioneer Square should be. From old cafes to adorable scenery, this historic district has some of the best sights and it's totally worth the drive from Vancouver.  

Seattle is just a short two and a half-hour drive away from Vancouver. It may seem like a long way to travel but let’s be honest, you have spent more time waiting in downtown traffic. 

The drive itself is gorgeous and has some of the best mountain views around. 

But once you’re in Seattle, you will truly see the beauty. 

Seattle, Washington is known for having some epic things to do and see. All and all, there are some unreal places in Seattle that you won't believe exist. 

While we could go on and on about how amazing this city is, some of the best areas are the historic districts. 

The architecture in these areas gives off serious European vibes which means your Instagram will be getting a serious glow up. 

Rumour has it, some of the areas are even haunted which only adds to the appeal of it.

According to the Seattle Government website, there are eight historic districts in the city that have been around since 1970. 

The appearance and integrity of the areas have been regulated and maintained which means that there is an old-time feel. 

The eight historic areas include Ballard Avenue, Columbia City, Harvard-Belmont, Fort Lawton, Pike Place Market, International special review District, Pioneer Square Preservation, and Sand Point Naval Air Station. 

No matter which one you go to, there will be amazing things to see, but the area that takes the cake is Pioneer Square. 

This district was rebuilt after the “great fire” of 1889, but it still holds much of its late nineteenth-century appeal. 

The classic brick buildings tower above the city and each one is different than the other. 

Pack a picnic and hang out in the district for the day. There is even a life-sized chess board you can play. 

When night hits, that is when the magic comes out. Thousands of twinkle lights take over the trees which make for the perfect scenery for your evening walk. 

But it’s not just the main square that is the attraction. There is also a massive waterfall garden park that features a 22-foot waterfall tucked behind the park. 

When you’re done that, hit up an art walk or a haunted ghost tour. 

No matter what you do, Pioneer Square Park is a great place to spend a gorgeous Seattle afternoon and you’ll be thankful you took the road trip. 

If you don’t want to spend your entire road trip in Seattle, consider hitting up Keizer, Oregon. They have the closest In-N-Out Burger to Vancouver and it’s so worth the drive. 

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