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Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend This Fall In B.C.

When the leaves start to fall, romance starts to blossom!
Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend This Fall In B.C.

Fall is easily the most romantic season. When the air starts to get crisp and the leaves change colours you know it's time to step up your game and take your girlfriend out.

We've found places to take your girlfriend out for her birthday, for your anniversary and cool nearby spots where you can celebrate the everyday little things. You'll get plenty of opportunities to have quiet and cosy nights at home once Winter comes. 

So let your girlfriend know that you're taking her somewhere special this Fall. Better yet, show her this list and ask her where she'd want to go. Since we're here in B.C., you really can't go wrong no matter where you choose!

The Salty Pear

A sweetly rustic weekend away is just what your girlfriend wants for her birthday or your anniversary. The Salty Pear is a B&B on Salt Spring Island where you can stay in a mini-cabin or caravan. You’ll get a chance to cosy up and get back to what really matters at the Salty Pear. Plus, their barrel sauna is a dream come true!

Eternal Abundance

Take your girlfriend to Commercial Drive for a day filled with fresh and wholesome vegan food! This place is an all-organic grocery store and cafe serving breakfast, lunch, sweets and coffees. Start out with the quinoa waffles and a hot chocolate chaga, then peruse the selection of ultra-healthy superfoods, books and produce.

Bubble Tea

A bubble tea date is a must for any B.C. couple! If you like to keep things classic, you need to take her to the Dragon Ball Tea House at the edge of Shaughnessy. This place has the sweetest, chewiest and most delicious bubbles anywhere. For a healthy option, check out Buns and Boba on Broadway. Their all-natural bubble tea is perfect for those who want the indulgence of bubble tea with a healthy twist!

Les Faux Bourgeois

Nothing says romance more than French food, am I right? Check out this place for casual French cuisine. Their cozy interior and satisfying menu full of comfort foods make this an ideal date on a cold, rainy autumn night.

The Rail Car Suite in Cranbrook

The Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort in Cranbrook offers unique accommodations. You can spend the night in a train car! It’s a lot more luxurious than it sounds and this is one goofy getaway that your playful girlfriend will absolutely love.

The Vancouver International Film Festival

Impress your girlfriend by taking her to a few films at the Vancouver International Film Festival this year. Hip-hop lovers have to check out RZA who will be here doing a live score to the kung-fu classic flick, 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Love scary movies? Check out the Canadian film Freaks starring Emile Hirsch. With more than 300 films from around the world and the country, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for a date night.

East is East

Check out the Main Street location of East is East in Vancouver for an unforgettable date night featuring the flavours of the Silk Road. Whether you want to sip chai and nibble on appies or if you want to take on their all-you-can-eat chai feast, the food here is incredibly satisfying and you’ll be craving East is East long after your date night! See their live music calendar to pick the night that will set the right mood for you.


If you love to prank and tease your girlfriend, take her to the YVR airport! She might be fooled into thinking you’re going on a wildly impromptu vacation. There’s lots to discover at the airport from the public art installations to the food court and Fairmont hotel. A trip here sparks conversations about travel and life in general. It’s a totally amazing date she’s probably never done before. Make sure you treat her to a fancy drink or dessert at the Fairmont Jet Lounge at the end of the night!

Farmer’s Apprentice

If your girlfriend lives for brunch, take her to Farmer’s Apprentice. Their ever-evolving menu features farm-to-table freshness and freshly baked biscuits with housemade butter and jam. This spot also serves dinner but it can be a little hard on the wallet. The brunch here is surprisingly affordable and might be the best value for your money on the B.C. brunch scene.

05 Tea Bar

This bar in Kitsilano is a haven for tea and kombucha lovers. They serve premium teas from Asia and brew them in a hyper-sophisticated way right in front of you. These guys are always up to something cool that you’ll find on their menu. Unfortunately, your girlfriend might spend more time on her Instagram lapping up the cool and upscale aesthetic of this tea bar.

East Side Culture Crawl

Take your crafty girlfriend to explore local artists workshops in the East Side Culture Crawl. This four-day visual arts festival takes place in November and is full of workshops and tours that will inspire your inner artist. In lieu of yet another movie date, this Culture Crawl is perfect for couples.


Pretend you and your girlfriend are at a bar in the Caribbean at this bistro and music venue! Calabash serves a legendary brunch with coconut dumplings that are like a tropical timbit but elevated and served with flavoured butters. In the evenings, the downstairs lounge plays hip hop, reggae, blues and motown so you can join in the fun at Calabash whatever your mood!

Pallet Coffee Roasters

Hands-down, this local coffee chain is the most amazing in B.C.! Everything that comes out of their bakery, from the vegan carrot cake to the salted almond cookie is fresh and delicious. Their build-your-own breakfast sandwiches are out of this world. Plus, they’re one of the few places in the city you can get a decent oat milk latte. If your girlfriend has been to literally every cafe in Vancouver, bring her here to experience the ultimate neighbourhood coffee shop.

Vegan Lifestyle Therapeutic Farm Tour

Does your girlfriend constantly send you photos of cows who are best friends? Or chinchillas taking dust baths? Animal lovers will adore this farm tour that fosters a healthy connection between people and animals. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at this farm in South East Kelowna that’s home to more than 50 lovingly rescued animals.

Enchanted Forest Afternoon Tea

Girls just want to go to Afternoon Tea. The Fairmont downtown always has a fun theme for their tea service, and this Fall the theme is 'Enchanted Forest'. The space will be decked out like something out of a fairy tale and the food will be totally magical. This is an absolute must-do. In fact, your girlfriend is probably already calling them for a reservation. Better hurry!

Free yoga

Find a free yoga class and grab your mat! She’ll be impressed at your Wellness dates are such a B.C. thing. Take your girlfriend to a free yoga class nearby and spend time together doing something that’s way more healthy than Netflix and Doritos. Most yoga studios offer a class by donation and in Vancouver, free outdoor yoga is continuing into Fall.

Sooke flowline

For the couple who loves an adventure outdoors, check out the abandoned flowline in Sooke on Vancouver Island. The forest is taking back this aqueduct, which was built over 100 years ago. You definitely don’t want to walk along the flowline, but it’s very cool to check out and makes for some surreal photos!

Pizzeria Ludica

This is one of the sweetest date nights you can ever have! Pizzeria Ludica has hundreds of board games to play with while you dine on pizza cooked in a stone oven. This is a fun way to try out new board games and spend time with your girlfriend. Don’t know where to start? Ask the friendly staff for a recommendation or even a mini-demo to help you out.

Lantern Festivals

Via pexels

If you can find a lantern festival, then definitely take your girlfriend. This outdoor activity is perfect for snuggling up and the magic of lanterns at night is really unforgettable. Bonus points if you build and bring along your own lantern! The Secret Lantern Society does their lantern festival at the end of Fall in Vancouver.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is at its best in the Fall! The crisp air makes the walk up and down Main Street feel more exciting and local shops seem more inviting. Check out the Liberty Bakery for a Totoro cookie, duck into Aperture for a coffee and shop at the local independent stores like Smoking Lily and Book Warehouse.


Italian food. Seriously good Italian food. That’s what you and your girlfriend are in for at Centro. This West End restaurant has a 70s vibe and serves enviable cocktails. The menu is full of Italian classics. You won’t want to miss out on their cheese plate or their pasta!

Greenhorn Cafe

Hidden in the middle of the West End, this secret cafe will give you serious neighbourhood vibes and transport you to a city that’s way cooler than Vancouver. This place has a secret weekend brunch menu, spins vinyl and serves a mean coffee. Some say it’s the best in the city!

Vancouver Writers Festival

If your girlfriend is constantly dragging you to bookstores, then do her a favour and bring her to an event at the writers festival. She'll get a chance to meet authors, hear about new and upcoming books and feel like a part of the literary community. All of their events take place on Granville Island so you can explore hidden places together underneath the Granville bridge. 

Starry Nights

This stargazing event at SFU is a totally romantic experience to share with your girlfriend this Fall! On a clear night, visit the Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard at SFU to get a glimpse of the night sky through the telescope. Learn about what celestial bodies you can see from Vancouver and be reminded of how small we all really are!

Happy Hour

Eating out can get expensive fast. Take advantage of local happy hour deals in B.C. that let you enjoy fancy restaurants at a fraction of the price. In Vancouver, you'll find happy hour deals literally everywhere. These days, happy hour is about more than drinks. You'll find a discount on appies, share plates and even entrees. The best happy hour secret is to check out L’Abattoir for their 1-hour-only deals on share plates and drinks!

Rooster's Ice Cream

You'll find this secret ice cream place sitting amongst residential buildings on a quiet stretch of Broadway. Rooster's makes favourites like salted caramel and London fog, but they also have wild flavours like avocado honey with vodka!

Secret Waterfalls

Find a waterfall nearby and bring your girlfriend to check it out together. Waterfalls have a calming and almost magical quality to them. Share those feels with your girlfriend this fall!

Richmond’s Asian Shopping Malls

There are so many places to explore in Richmond, especially the main Asian shopping malls like Aberdeen Centre, Yaohan Centre and Parker Place. Bring your girlfriend to wander around the mall and hit the food court on a rainy Fall day.

Old School Soda Shops

With the popularity of Riverdale at an all-time-high you will want to take your girlfriend to an old fashioned soda shop! You can check out The Soda Shoppe in Victoria and the Glenburn Soda Fountain in Burnaby. If you want to really impress her, you can take her to Rocko's Diner in Mission where they filmed Riverdale. 

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