The Canucks are not holding back in celebration of their favourite twins. The team has planned out a jam-packed week to honour their beloved former players, twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin. On Wednesday, February 12, starting at 6 p.m., they will be hosting the Sedins' retirement night at Rogers Arena where their jerseys, #22 and #23, will be retired. 

Fans in the stadium are being promised plenty of swag and giveaways, including a free beer each provided by Budweiser. 

The beer will be handed out in a special limited edition Sedin can, which their hardcore fans won't be throwing away anytime soon. Fans will also be given Sedin t-shirts to remember their Swedish heroes. 

Sedin week will be capped off by a legacy game on Sunday, February 16, where the twins will take part in a pre-game ceremony with "children from organizations who have been positively impacted by the Sedin family's dedication to the community," according to the NHL event guide for Sedin Week. 

Budweiser is not messing around with paying tribute to the Sedin twins, either.

On top of hyping up the fans for the upcoming retirement night, the commemorative video shows members of the Canucks family discussing the duo's contribution to the game as well as their extensive charity work. 

The emotional video is a total must-see and we challenge you to not sob like a baby.

Canucks fans have been through a lot but there is no way they will want to miss out on this. You can buy tickets through their website, with the lower bowl starting at $278.50. 

The night will feature special introductions, speeches, wholesome tear-inducing videos, and finally, the jerseys of a set of twins will be raised for the first time in NHL history. 

The Sedins are known to be thick as thieves. They never left each other's sides throughout their professional career, during which they spent 18 years with the Canucks.

They retired in 2018, with both of them leaving behind impressive records for the team.

Daniel Sedin holds the record for most all-time goals for the Canucks, says TSN. Henrik Sedin has the record for all-time assists for the Canucks, according to the NHL website.

It's no wonder that the team is going big for their retirement night. Twins like these don't come around very often, so Canucks fans are ready to make this night an unforgettable part of their experience

Sedin Twins Retirement Night

Price: Starting at $176.50

When: Wednesday, February 12 at 6 p.m.

Address: 800 Griffiths Way, Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: If you want to celebrate the careers of the Sedin twins like you've never done so before, this is one game you cannot miss.