An Empty Tesla Was Spotted Driving Itself In BC And The Footage Is Freaky (VIDEO)

This is definitely not something you see every day.
An Empty Tesla Was Spotted Driving Itself In BC And The Footage Is Freaky (VIDEO)

If you've ever entered into a conversation about self-driving cars, you've probably received some polarized reactions. Some people think they're brilliant innovations, while others think they're terrifying. Recently, pedestrians in the parking lot of Richmont Center in B.C. were caught off guard when a rogue Tesla without a driver started driving around. The self-driving Tesla in B.C. was caught on video and the footage is eerie.

According to Richmond News, the vehicle was spotted moving around autonomously on the afternoon of Monday, November 4. Now, this car wasn’t just rolling around like a car left in neutral might. Rather, it was navigating around as if it were being driven with the tires turning and everything.

A witness, Swimmy She, took a video of the spectacle and sent it to Richmond News. In the video, the Silver Tesla Model S moves slowly from a parking stall towards the mall’s parkade, stopping a couple of times along the way.

A number of short videos show the Tesla on different parts of its journey. According to Richmond News, Swimmy She said: “This is so dangerous, I’ve never seen anything like it.” Apparently, a mall security guard chased the car briefly before someone who Swimmy She assumed to be a friend of the car’s owner came out.

Eventually, the car’s owner emerged, got in the car, and drove away. The witness also told Richmond News that her friend had overheard the owner tell the security guard that the car was being controlled remotely.

One video shows the car driving from the parking lot towards the parking garage. A second shows the car closer to the parking garage, stopping to let another car pass. A final video shows a man, presumably the owner, putting something in the trunk of the car before driving away.

If you were wary about self-driving cars, this may not help. Emerging technology can be difficult to get behind when it's unclear what it will actually look like in the real world.

This video is pretty hard to make sense of, and we can only imagine how bewildered the spectators were when the Tesla began to move with no one behind the wheel.

Metro Vancouver will be seeing snow soon and we all know Vancouver roads aren't ideal during the winter. If you're worried about driving conditions already, we can only imagine what they'll be like if cars are driving themselves.

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