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Serial Thief Has Been Hiding In Ceilings Overnight To Steal From Canadian Stores (VIDEO)

This Canadian thief would hide in businesses ceilings overnight just to steal.

According to RCMP, a serial thief has been entering stores, hiding in ceilings and waiting until closing time so he could steal from local businesses. The North Vancouver resident would enter a store during operating hours. Once he was inside, he would climb into the ceiling and wait for several hours just so he could steal whatever he could get his hands on when the store closed. For a while, this worked but not before he was caught after letting his guard down. 

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RCMP have recently released a story about a BC criminal that is funny, creative, and questionable all at the same time. According to the public statement, a North Vancouver resident, Shane Davidson,  was charged several times after breaking into multiple stores and hiding in their ceilings just to steal things at night. 

So here's how he did it. Davidson would allegedly enter stores during business hours. He would then find his way into the ceiling and hide there. Sometimes for hours on end, just waiting for the store to close!

When the store would close, Davidson would make his move. When the store emptied and all of the employees left the building and locked up, Davidson would begin to make his way out of the ceiling by cutting a hole big enough for him to fit through. 

Once he was out, Davidson would then search the store for anything he could find. According to the RCMP, he would steal anything from cash to clothing. After he found everything he needed, he would break himself out of the store. 

While this worked for him on several occasions, during one particular instance he let his guard down. During this time, Davidson got himself out of the ceiling and was rummaging around the cash room. At around 5 AM an employee entered the room to find Davidson standing there in the dark. He had clearly miscalculated when the store reopened. 

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When the employee screamed out of shock, Davidson physically assaulted her before he took off running. “Imagine how terrifying that was for her,” said Sargent Peter DeVries, spokesperson for the North Vancouver RCMP.

Via North Vancouver RCMP

Through security footage, RCMP was able to identify and locate Davidson. “The surveillance video made it pretty easy,” said DeVries. “Prolific offenders are really well known to us. We know how they operate, where they tend to commit crimes, and what they look like. One good screengrab can get us a long way towards making a positive ID.”

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Davidson has since been found guilty of a handful of property crime offences. He was convicted January 18, 2019, of three counts of burglary, one count of assault, and one count of theft under $5,000. 

In February of this year, RCMP recommended charges, one of which included breaking out of a place after committing an offence while inside. Davidson is set to have a sentencing hearing on April 29, 2019, at the Vancouver law courts.