A routine parking lot inspection turned into a sad discovery. Hotel staff at the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond found dead puppies throughout the parking lot on Saturday, January 25. No motives, suspects, or explanations have been found for several baby dogs found dead in the parking lot at the hotel. 

Both local RCMP were contacted as well as the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) who are both investigating.

According to Global News, Hilton staff found the dead bodies of eight puppies scattered across the second level of their parkade.

Eyal Lichtmann, CEO of RAPS, said to Narcity that the puppies were discovered at night. RCMP were called immediately.

RAPS was then contacted to investigate; they will pass their findings to the SPCA on completion.

"RCMP reported to us that they were puppies. These animals are like only a few days old," said Lichtmann. He said they were too young to identify their breed.

"It's very sad and disturbing," wrote Sanjeet Sadana, general manager of Hilton Vancouver Airport in a statement to Narcity. "During a routine parking lot check, it was noticed and our Manager on duty notified the RCMP immediately."

"We have no further information other than it looks like someone dumped them in the parkade," she wrote.

"There could've been 100 different reasons why somebody did that," said Lichtmann, "but there's only one good act that they could have done, which is to bring them to a vet clinic."

Lichtmann said the person who abandoned the puppies should have brought them to the RAPS animal hospital.

"We would have done everything in our power to save the puppies, bring them to maturity and adopt them out," he said.

Lichtmann reiterated the need to ask for help when you can't take care of your pets.

"It's against the law to let the animal die. Animal cruelty is putting an animal into a situation where it's going to suffer and die," he said. "Don't do that. Come to us. That's why we exist. And we're here to help."

It's unclear if any Hilton customers encountered the bodies during the night, said Lichtmann. Sadana didn't mention any encounters other than with the Hilton staff.

The housing crisis in Vancouver causes some people to abandon their pets.

If you're interested in helping an animal in need, the SPCA is full of pets waiting for adoption. They've recently helped several huskies waiting for families to find homes.

Narcity has contacted the RCMP and Richmond SPCA for comment and will update the story.