We found a mansion for sale right now in Edmonton with a Sex and the City closet that will make your dreams come true. Even though the show has been off the air since 2004, it left a big impression on people. Sarah Jessica Parker's character absolutely loved clothes and fashion and she had a massive closet that totally inspired house envy.

For a little over five million dollars, you can have your own sweet home in Edmonton with a massive walk-in closet of your own.

While many of us can barely get $1000 a month in rent together, this place is a dream home for the maximalist who likes to live large.

With four bedrooms and enough room for eight cars in the garage, there's definitely room for collectors and hobbyists to store all their stuff including clothes. There's even a huge wine cellar that looks like it could hold hundreds of bottles.

The house is clean-cut, modern, crisp and white. Every room is larger than life. There's even a massive rooftop deck that looks big enough to belong at a university or on an office building.

If this place is too modern and hip for you, you could always check out Edmonton's' castle for sale instead.

But if you need a place to store all your puffy Canada Goose parkas, then this place has a closet that's worthy of Sex and the City

This is what the closet looks like filled to the brim with clothes, accessories, and all manner of things worthy of Carrie Bradshaw.

Dozens and dozens of watches, purses, and outfits line the shelves and recesses of this incredible space.

Just as surprising as the Sex and the City closet is this "man cave." 

This unexpected corner of the house is full of colourful trinkets and you could put any manner of things inside those trophy cases. 

If you've ever wanted to put on a tutu and live like Carrie Bradshaw, she would totally want a closet like the one inside this house.

It should be a little closer to NYC for her to consider buying, though. 

Edmonton's Sex and the City Closet House

Price: $5,595,000

Address: 8606 Saskatchewan Dr. NW., Edmonton, AB

Description: This massive mansion has enough room for you to go shopping every single day and put your clothes inside the walk-in closet.

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