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You Can Walk This Stunning 4 km "Over Water" Trail In Vancouver

Ocean on the left, ocean on the right. 🌊

Sometimes all we need to recharge is to spend some time outdoors. There is nothing like hearing rustling leaves or splashing water to help relieve any stress you might be feeling. B.C. is a paradise for anyone craving a dose of nature and there is no shortage of breathtaking hiking paths for you to discover. But one you will want to add to your bucket list is this four-kilometre over water hiking trail in Vancouver.

You won't believe your eyes when you walk along the Iona Jetty walkway. It is as close as you can get to the feeling of walking on water as you cross the narrow route that extends into the Strait of Georgia.

The jetty is super convenient to get to. It's right next to the Vancouver International Airport so you'll get to do some planespotting, too.

Located in Iona Beach Regional Park, you'll be able to park your car next to the beach before you begin your journey.

The adventure will take you about two and a half hours, as it is four kilometres each way. But despite how long it might sound, it is perfect for even the most novice of hikers.

Honestly, it couldn't get much more straightforward since it is a straight, flat gravel path. That means you will be able to take in all the views until you reach the end; then, you can head back and enjoy it all over again.

Plus, if you want to bring your dog, they are welcome too as long as they are on a leash. Together, the two of you can take in the view of the islands and mountains off in the distance.

Animal lovers will also enjoy birdwatching. This area is home to thousands of migrating birds of all shapes and colours.

In this park, it can sometimes get a bit windy, so you may need to hold on to your hat.

But, if it ever gets too blustery, there are two wind shelters where you can relax until the weather calms down.

Once you've returned, if you are looking to continue your relaxing day, you'll be just a few minutes from the beach. So go ahead and kick back on the sand and read a good book.

Iona Beach Trail

Price: Free

Address: Iona Beach Regional Park, 900 Ferguson Rd., Richmond, BC

Why You Need To Go: You need to see this breathtaking "over water" trail.