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6 Homes For Sale In Vancouver That Are The Cheapest On The Market Right Now

Surprisingly affordable Vancouver homes.

Purchasing a house in Vancouver is next to impossible. If you can find something, chances are its not affordable. Not only that, but there are very few detached homes for sale. Most homes are actually part of an apartment complex or other confusing configuration. Owning a home is ideal especially if you want to start a family or just have some peace and quiet. We did a little digging and found six homes for sale in Vancouver that are actually affordable. And by affordable we mean under $1 million. 

Vancouver is a seriously expensive city. Many of us millennials won't be able to afford a home until we are in our 80s.

In some instances, it is cheaper to purchase a private island. Seriously, some islands around B.C. are cheaper than most average homes in Vancouver.

We refuse to believe that the only affordable thing out there is a parking stall. So we did a little digging and found six affordable homes in Vancouver that you can actually justify purchasing.

All these homes are under $1 million which means that while it's not an ideal price, it’s going to be the best we can get in this city. If you're looking to purchase a home in Vancouver, then we wish you luck. These six homes are a great place to start. 

Price: $548,000

Address: 17 2885 E. Kent Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

Type of Home: Townhouse

Description: This home is a two-bedroom split level townhouse just minutes away from the new River District. The open concept living is adorable and at slightly over half a million, it’s doable.

[image 5db362dc8e53b94d20730767]

Price: $649,800

Address: 6-1618 Columbia St., North Vancouver, B.C.

Type of Home: Single-family floating home

Description: This floating home may be a little different from what you expect from your average home but it’s pretty cool. Think about it this way, you will always have a waterfront view.

[image 5db36c1e1caa324d3dfca0b4]

Price: $449,900

Address: 3456 Copeland Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

Type of Home: Townhouse

Description: This 1,130 square foot-home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and the most adorable black tile floor. With natural lighting, you won't feel like you’re stuck in a dungeon.

[image 5db364c21caa324d3dfc9ff6]

Price: $779,000

Address: 1979 W. 13th Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

Type of Home: Strata

Description: If you're looking for a quiet space, then this is perfect. This house sports a patio, garden, and welcomes pets which is a win for Vancouver.

[image 5db3666af7ccff4d329e80f9]

Price: $899,999

Address: 3189 Edward Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

Type of Home: Duplex

Description: Right in the heart of Mount Pleasant, this development is adorable and affordable. At only 743 square feet, it is small so be prepared to live alone or with one other person at most.

[image 5db368671caa324d3dfca047]

Price: $879,000

Address: 873 Prior St., Vancouver, B.C.

Type of Home: Duplex

Description: This two-bedroom house is light and roomy. It's really a steal for Vancouver considering you get a garage, yard, and huge windows.

[image 5db369978e53b94d207307fb]

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