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Vancouver Eats Enough Chicken Nuggets And Miso Soup To Feed A Stadium Each Week

The biggest order placed this year cost $1,946.

SkipTheDishes was simultaneously one of the best and worst things that has ever happened to us. It’s amazing because food on demand ordered off our phones is pure luxury. The real downfall comes from the depletion of funds from the number of times we opt to order in instead of cook. Vancouver uses this service a lot, but have you ever thought of what the most ordered item is? Turns out, SkipTheDishes Vancouver is delivering so many chicken nuggets and miso soups that it could feed a stadium every week.

Vancouver is known for having some incredibly delicious food. We even have eight of the top 50 restaurants in Canada. 

While we can get nearly anything from Starbucks to Thai food on Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes, it looks like Vancouver has a very particular taste.

According to SkipTheDishes data, Vancouver likes to eat chicken nuggets and miso soup. And a lot of it. 

In fact, our beautiful city eats so much of this that we could literally feed a stadium. 

If you think this is a weird fact, you haven’t heard anything yet. SkipTheDishes sent us a lot of data and it turns out, there have been some bizarre orders. 

If you’re part of this chicken nuggets and miso soup craze, no judgement. We all enjoy good comfort food. 

According to SkipTheDishes, there have been over 29,243 orders of five-piece chicken nuggets placed in Vancouver in 2019 alone. 

You can put your phone away because we did the math for you. That’s around 146,215 chicken nuggets. 

“We have no words,” wrote SkipTheDishes about these insane numbers. Same.

Next up for the most ordered item was bowls of Miso soup. This year in Vancouver, there have been 18,430 bowls ordered. 

According to SkipTheDishes, that is almost enough orders for ever single person boarding at the Metrotown SkyTrain station per week.

Coming in at the third most ordered item was pita donair. There have been 14,500 orders of pita donair this year which is more than one pita donair for every single step along the seawall in Stanley Park.

Now that we got the top foods out of the way, let's take a look at the biggest orders Skip has received this year.

According to the data, the biggest order was $1,946 and consisted of 185 spring rolls, 31 orders of chow mein, 30 orders of fried rice, 25 orders of sautéed beef, and 25 orders of sweet and sour chicken. 

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like my kind of party. 

Vegan menu items are also on the rise. With amazing options like Beyond Meat burgers from A&W and Mcdonalds, Skip saw 145,000 vegan menu items be ordered in Vancouver this year. 

This is a lot considering that in 2018, there were nearly 28,000 vegan items ordered.

There you have it, Vancouver likes to eat vegan but it also likes its nuggets and miso soup.

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