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You Need To Try This Insanely Delicious Turkish Bagel & Pastry Shop In Vancouver

Because who doesn't love a good old fashioned carbload.

Bagel lovers, this one’s for you. West Broadway is now home to an unreal Turkish-Canadian bagel shop and locals are absolutely loving it. Smith’s Bagelry Vancouver is located at 191 West Broadway and open daily from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Smith's opened in June 2019 and has been satisfying the carb cravings of locals ever since. 

Smith’s serves big old Turkish bagels in plain, sesame, poppy seed, and sunflower seed flavours. The bagels are sold for only $1.95 and you can add cream cheese or make them into a delicious sandwich. On top of the legendary bagels, they also serve rolls with feta and spinach, potato, or ground beef.

For those with a sweet tooth, they've got almond and Nutella easter bread, eclairs, and many more sweet (but not too sweet) goodies. You can also enjoy savoury buns with potato, kalamata olives, or cheese. If you’re into pastries, sweet or savoury, you’re going to love it here.

If you’re not familiar with Turkish bagels, here’s what you need to know. Also referred to as “Simit”, they’re known for their crispy outside, soft inside, and signature sweetness. If you’re a bagel buff, we’d say these are closer to Montreal-style bagels than New York-style bagels being that they are narrow and sweet. As for Smith’s, this place is already a huge hit. If you're not convinced to try it for yourself, you should hear what people are saying about the new beloved bagel shop.

Countless locals have left reviews on Yelp, raving about the amazing service and delicious food. The reviews praise the freshness, size, and deliciousness of the bagels.

As you can see, customers are also over the moon about the San Sebastian Cheesecake served at Smith's. With a light texture and burnt exterior, it will truly melt in your mouth.

In addition, the espresso and other pastries are receiving their fair share of the spotlight. 

With a cosy atmosphere, friendly faces, and endless carb-filled goodness, you'd be crazy not to go check this place out. We must say, you really can’t go wrong with any of their baked beauties. That said, don’t be expecting your normal Canadian bagel, because these are unlike any bagel you'll normally find around here.

We know that everyone in Vancouver has got their go-to bagel spot and we're not suggesting you abandon your usual, we're simply suggesting you try something new because you will not regret it. 

Smith's is open for business and our pastry dreams have come true. While you're on a carb train, you might as well check out Fufu Café for some unbelievable pancakes, as well.

Smith's Bagelry

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Turkish-Canadian Bagels & Pastries

Address: 191 West Broadway

Why You Need To Go: Feast on delicious and unique pastries, both sweet and savoury, in a cozy atmosphere in West Broadway.

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