Vancouver Is About To Be Colder And Snowier Than Toronto For Once

Snow and -9 C lows are coming for Vancouver.
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Vancouver Is About To Be Colder And Snowier Than Toronto For Once

Vancouver is known as the city with mild winters compared to the rest of Canada, but that won't necessarily be the case this week. According to The Weather Network, the snow in Vancouver's forecast this week is more than what Toronto is getting. If you haven't needed your winter coat and boots in Vancouver yet this winter, you will soon. 

The Farmer's Almanac predicted that Vancouver would have a relatively mild winter this year. For the most part, this has been true but starting this weekend, things will be changing. 

According to 14-day weather forecasts by The Weather Network, temperatures will be dipping into the negatives next week and 5 or more centimetres of snow will accumulate by Wednesday, January 15.

The snowfall in B.C.'s largest city will begin on Monday, January 13 and will last all the way through to Friday, with some mixed precipitation to follow. 

In fact, some days next week will be even colder than Toronto. January 15 and 16 in Vancouver will be a frosty -4 C and -3 C, respectively, with lows as cold as -9 C. Those days will be accompanied by snow and scattered flurries.

In Toronto on those same days, highs of 2 C and 1 C are expected, with no snow in the forecast.

Temperatures will get even colder on Tuesday, January 14 as flurries and a low of -8 C is expected to hit Vancouver. 

Below is the forecast for Vancouver between January 15 and 21.

[rebelmouse-image 25963906 photo_credit="The Weather Network | Vancouver" expand=1 original_size="1034x928"]

By the looks of it, the cold temperatures and snow aren't limited to just Vancouver. On January 7, Environment Canada issued several snowfall, storm, and rain warnings for 21 areas of B.C. 

Ahead of the snow, Vancouver has been issued a rainfall warning that is calling for up to 90 millimetres of rain by this afternoon.

It may be getting cold in B.C., but it's nothing like the -45 C deep freeze headed for Alberta next week. Count your blessings, Vancouver.

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Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
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