If you're spending millions of dollars on a house you want it to be beautiful. At that price, you'd be expecting modern features, high-end finishes, or at the very least you'd want it to be move-in ready. Apparently, this isn't the case in Vancouver though, where someone is selling their nearly burnt down house for over $1 million

The house popped up on the market just recently. It's located in Port Moody, a city in Metro Vancouver, at 509 Forest Park Way. It caught on fire as the result of arson back in March 2017. Based on the images, the fire caused extensive damage to the garage, the front of the home, and likey a lot of structural issues inside, though it's hard to tell from all the tarps and plywood covering up the house. 

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None the less the owners are now trying to sell it for $1,018,900. According to the real estate listing, it is the "perfect chance to build to build a new home in an established neighbourhood." Some other selling features they highlight are the house's sunny exposure and the fact that the utilities and water lines to the city are still hooked up. 


Beyond that though, they aren't shying away from the fact that this house is a bit of a mess. In fact, the only picture included in the whole listing is that image of the front of the house surrounded by construction fences, burnt to a crisp in some spots and covered in tarps. 

It begs the question of why they are trying to get over $1 million for it. Especially when you look at some of the other, not burnt houses in the area. 

For example, some condos in Port Moody sell for as little as $300,000 and while they may not be the nicest condos in the world, they haven't been on fire recently. 

If you are looking to spend $1 million in that area you could also choose from one of the many other Port Moody homes listed right now, like this gorgeous house in the same neighbourhood listed for $1,338,800. On top of also not being burned-out, it has an updated interior, a home theatre, and a big kitchen. 


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All that said if it's a fixer-upper project you're after and you have the money to spend, this nearly burned-down house could be the location for you. If you're lucky, you could even break even after the renovation.