22 Struggles Of Taking Translink BC

I am so uncomfortable.
22 Struggles Of Taking Translink BC

Ask anyone and they'll say the worst parts of Vancouver are: traffic, weather, and TransLink.

I get that everyone thinks their transit system is the worst but Vancouver needs to seriously get it together. I mean we don't even have a proper system to transfer from the bus to the Skytrain without a special blue card that will automatically cost you $6. What am I made of? Cash??

That said, it still is the cheapest way to get around town and until we get UBER (come onnnn December....) we will make d0 with our struggles.

1. When your forget your compass card.

And now transferring from bus to seabus is going to run you $5.50.

2. When it snows.

What's worse? Missing 5 busses or joining the sardine can?

3. When the Skytrain stops working randomly.

4. The smell of "wet" on the cramped rainy day busses.

5. Getting soaked by someone's umbrella pressed up against your leg.

6. The shame bell of the very loud red beep when your compass card is out of cash.

7. Delays.

8. "Please move to the back of the bus."

I'm sorry but with what room?

9. Backpacks.

10. The lack of etiquette for getting on and off the bus.

Don't just stand there, move!!

11. Getting stuck next to the bus "DJ".

The guy who blasts Drake through his headphones and now you're forced to listen to Hotline Bling.

12. Never getting comfortable at the front of the bus at the risk of giving up your seat.

13. People who push to get to the door before the bus stops.

Listen, we're all getting off at the next stop, just wait.

14. Having to sit like a pretzel just to avoid brushing knees with someone.

15. When the bus stop doesn't have a countdown clock.

Why does half the city have it and half not have it? It makes no sense!!

16. Getting sprayed.

It's Vancouver. You know there are puddles. Slow down.

17. When your service goes out on between Waterfront and Granville.


18. Having to get up 2 stops early just to brush past the crowd on the 99.

Excuse me. Sorry. Hi, yeah.

19. Getting car sick from all the abrupt braking.

I'm sorry, but isn't it your job to be a good driver?

20. Never being quite sure which "zone" you're actually in.

21. The awkward lean over a stranger to pull the yellow wire for your stop.

22. How a little hail will shatter Skytrain window.

Y'all....I don't think that's safe.

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