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When the new year rolls around, it's no secret that everyone is excited, full of resolve and energy. This usually lasts until mid-January rolls around. The days are short and the sunlight is sparse; you've abandoned resolutions, and the mid-winter lag arrives. This phenomenon has a name: Blue Monday. Sunwing actually did a survey on this dreary day and discovered how you can use a vacation to your advantage. 

Some insights from the survey are pretty straightforward, like Blue Monday being seen as the gloomiest day of the year (thanks, ditched new year's resolutions and utter lack of sunshine). Other findings, though, might surprise you and lead to some helpful hacks on getting through the winter


For one, it turns out that even in this "go, go, go" era, 95% of Canadians find that vacations positively impact their wellness. In fact, this figure is as high as 98% of millennials. From sunshine and good eats to getting to see new sights, vacations can change more than just your perspective; they improve overall wellbeing

Another cool finding about vacation psychology is something you've probably experienced. Have you ever booked your vacay and already felt better? You aren't alone: 75% of people are subject to this "Holiday Halo Effect". It turns out the cure to stress is as easy as booking that time off and enjoying that trip to the tropics. 

For best results, stick to the sunny side, since 84% of Canadians agree that a tropical vacation makes winter pass more quickly. In fact, the results showed that if money weren't an object, Canadians would rather focus on life-changing experiences rather than material goods. Millennials have their priorities straight with a focus on soaking-up those much-needed rays. 


So, now you're definitely ready to plan out your tropical getaway — to cut through winter and take back the sun! Sunwing's got you covered. Starting Jan. 20, you can take advantage of this amazing week-long Blue Monday Buster Sale with savings as massive as 35% off all-inclusive vacation packages. 

The survey showed that it definitely matters where you travel (8 in 10 Canadians agree). This is exactly why Sunwing is throwing the Blue Monday Buster Sale for top-rated resorts across the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. If there are tons of rays involved, Sunwing is ready to take you there with great deals.


So get ready to kick back, relax, and vacation better with Sunwing by asking your travel agent, booking online, or checking out Sunwing's Blue Monday Pop-Up in Vancouver. The chance for a taste of the tropics right at home? Yes, please! 

Happening at the Pacific Centre on Jan. 20 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., this pop-up event is Sunwing and Huatulco's way of bringing the sunshine straight to you! Featuring fun swag, instant vacation giveaways, live music performances, a beach bar loaded with games, free treats, and more, this is easily the best place to book your vacation. You can indulge in free hot chocolate and churros in the morning plus free tropical drinks with guac & chips in the afternoon. How does a little free massage under heated lamps sound? What's more, you'll have the chance to win travel vouchers of up to $200 and one of three vacations!


Vancouver Sunwing & Huatulco Pop-Up

Cost: Free

When: Monday, Jan. 20, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Address: Pacific Centre, 701 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC  V7Y 1G5

Why You Need To Go: Delicious free treats, live music, vacation giveaways, and so much more to replace your Blue Monday vibes with total happiness instead!

Ready to bask in the sunshine? For more details on the Vancouver Pop-Up, check out the Facebook event! Follow Sunwing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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