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6 Super Cool Vancouver Places That Are Open 24/7

The night owl's guide.

Let's be honest, most of us 20-something-year-olds are notorious for being night owls. But who can blame us? We're young and we're restless.

Along with our young and restless souls, we've got some pretty restless stomachs too.

So if it's 3AM and you're feinin' for a bite or drink, here are some awesome places you can go that are open 24/7.

Breka Bakery & Cafe // 818 Bute St.

Satisfy that sweet tooth of yours any time of day (or night) while you bust out your term paper due in T-3hrs at Breka.

The Naam // 2724 West 4th Ave.

Looking for some late night vegetarian grease? The Naam's got you boo, with their miso gravy fries and super cheesy, super massive chili burritos.

Calhoun's Bakery // 3035 West Broadway St.

If you study at or live anywhere near UBC, you probably know this place as your holy grail spot to get things done. Need to study? Got homework due? All in the next few hours of your all-nighter? Three words: Go. To. Calhoun's.

Lucy's Eastside Diner // 2708 Main St.

Still drunk at 4AM and it almost seems as all hope is lost to find a greasy breakfast open at this hour? Lucy's Eastside Diner is your saviour!

Duffin's Donuts // 1391 East 41st Ave.

Everyone loves donuts. I don't know a single soul who does not like donuts. Therefor it only makes sense to have a 24 hr donut shop. Duffins, thank you for all your years of love and donuts.

Siegel's Bagels // 1883 Cornwall St.

Bagels - the wanna-be-healthy person's fat food. Get Vancouver's best bagels at Siegel's any time you need. (Also located pretty close to UBC, so you know what to do for all those late night cram sessions)

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