Super Easy Bucket List Hikes You And Your BFFs Need To Check Out In B.C. This Fall

You won't have to put down your latte on a single one of these hikes
Super Easy Bucket List Hikes You And Your BFFs Need To Check Out In B.C. This Fall

The best, most epic hikes ever are the ones we share with friends. Why not call up your BFFs and head out together on a super easy hike this Fall!

These trails are simple enough that you have a chance to catch up with friends while hiking without worrying about difficult terrain. We encourage you to bring a coffee (in a reusable mug, mind you) with you on your hike and maybe even a doughnut or two.

You'll definitely want to put these super easy hikes on your bucket list this Fall to explore a new corner of the province and spend time with your BFFs.

Arbutus Greenway

Picture this—you and your friends gather at Beaucoup Bakery for croissants and coffee before heading out on an urban hike. The Arbutus Greenway starts out in Kits and winds up all the way to Arbutus Ridge, Kerrisdale and Marpole. You'll be treated to unique views of the city from this path and the gradual hill will have you huffing and puffing just the right amount to justify your morning's buttery almond croissant!

Brandywine Falls

Between Whistler and Squamish, we love a trip to Brandywine Falls because you get to see a gorgeous waterfall after just a short hike! It's perfect if you just want to chat with your friends and get some cool shots for Instagram.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

The trails of Pacific Spirit Park near UBC are like a choose-your-own-adventure hike! There are plenty of beaches to explore and many trails that are great for inexperienced hikers. Since you can even bus to this awesome network of trails, it might be the most easily-accessible hike for you and your squad.

Halfmoon Bay Trail

This Vancouver Island spot is work visiting just because of the adorable name! Halfmoon Bay has a simple trail that's great for the hiking-curious. You'll find this 1-kilometre trail in Pacific Rim National Park and it will take you through the rainforest down and down a set of stairs along a cliff to the beach.

Witty’s Lagoon

The trail to Witty's Lagoon is the ideal mini-hike! You even walk past Sitting Lady Falls on your way to the beach. This lagoon is surrounded by arbutus trees with ruby-reddish bark that you tend to find on Vancouver Island. It's simply gorgeous in the Fall.

Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls

Close to Vancouver, the Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls offers waterfalls and sandstone cliffs. It's a ton of fun to explore along this super easy trail and it has tons of spots to stop and relax. With perfect views of the waterfalls and rapids, you can't go wrong with this hike that's only an hour away from Vancouver.

Nairn Falls

Trust me, this hike is way easier and shorter than it looks! You're not too far from your own incredible shot of this icy-blue cascading water. Just don't stand so close to the edge! Bring along your BFF who understands the importance of lighting to capture your own photo. 

Jug Island Beach

Although you can't actually reach Jug Island, seeing it from the beach is a satisfying conclusion to an afternoon hike. Visit Belcarra Regional Park to catch of glimpse of Jug Island. It's a short trail to reach this beach. Once you're there, look out for the seals who love to hang out here.

Goldstream Provincial Park

This Fall, you have to put at least one abandoned railway trestle on your bucket list! This desolate place is actually a lot easier to reach than you might think. Even your friend who's basically an indoor-cat will be able to make the trek out here.

Lindeman Lake

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Your BFFs will swoon over Lindemann Lake for its turquoise waters! It's about a 3.5-kilometre walk to get here, so you can do this. You can even chill on the beach while your super-outdoorsy friends go exhaust themselves on the nearby trails before you all head back together! This spot has something for everyone.

Englishman River

If you want to explore a river, rapids and falls without an 8-hour hike, then a hike to Englishman River should be on your bucket list. It's just 2-kilometres to get here and there are so many places to check out the river!

Sugarloaf Mountain Park

The best thing about this super-easy hike is the amazing view. Sugarloaf Mountain looks out over Departure Bay in Nanaimo. After the quick hike up here, you can watch the ferries lazily come and go—it's very serene. Grab a pizza and bring it up here for an impromptu-picnic with your friends this Fall. 

Idaho Peak Lookout

You'll be at the Idaho Peak Lookout in no time! It's about 45 minutes to get here and even though it's an incline, it's pretty simple and there are stairs in parts where it gets really steep. This remote lookout is close to New Denver and it's worth a road trip this Fall.

Deer Lake

It doesn't get any simpler than a hike around Deer Lake in Burnaby. No matter how lazy you're feeling on a chilly Fall morning, you can totally do this hike with your friends and you'll probably be glad you crawled out of bed that morning! Deer Lake is just adorable and in the Fall it looks especially picturesque.

Gold Creek

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It's a short hike through the mossy West Coast rainforest to get to Gold Creek and the nearby falls. This spot is not too far from Vancouver and it's worth checking out if you're bored of the basic spots like Quarry Rock and Lighthouse Park every weekend!

Paul’s Tomb

Paul's Tomb might sound like a haunted house hike, but there's nothing spooky about it! This beginner-friendly hike takes you along the eastern shore of Kelowna's Lake Okanagan and ends at a scenic beach. The warming desert landscape of Kelowna should definitely make it on your Fall bucket list. 

Mineral Licks Trail at Muncho Lake

You can find a super-easy hike even way up North! The Mineral Lick Trail in Muncho Lake Provincial Park is a simple loop that will bring you to spectacular views of the Trout River and its white river banks. You're likely going to see wild sheep on your way because they love to lick the minerals found in the soil along the river!

Cypress Provincial Park

You and your buds can hike to view like this of Howe Sound and Bowen Island under 5-kilometres. The Cypress Provincial Park hike is a local favourite because it's not too far from Vancouver, but reaching the top will make you feel like you're out of this world!

Beaver Lake

Get a breath of fresh forest air just a few blocks from Downtown Vancouver when you head out to Stanley Park's Beaver Lake. Locals know that this simple trail loops around the lake but there's only one spot where you can actually see the lake! Walk around Stanely Park's seawall or Lost Lagoon trail for easy trails along the waterfront.

Bridal Veil Falls

Guys, I went on this hike when I was 5 years old so I think you and your bestie could easily do this hike while munching down doughnuts. Bridal Veils Falls Provincial Park in Chilliwack is a 1.5-hour drive away from Vancouver and it's a low-elevation hike to reach the sparkling waterfall. If you do only one hike with your friends this fall, make it this one!

Burnaby Mountain

With all the hustle and bustle going on at SFU, it's easy to forget that its home on Burnaby Mountain is an amazing place for hiking close to the city! You and your friends can even do this hike between classes if you're feeling ambitious. Burnaby Mountain has an entire network of trails to discover and many of them are fairly easy to explore and offer cool views of Vancouver and Burrard Inlet.

Furry Creek

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Interested in discovering a mysterious view platform with no marked trails? This spot in Furry Creek near Squamish is the perfect little Fall adventure for you and your friends. It's only a 4-kilometre hike so you'll feel the burn but basically still be pretty chill!

Mount Tolmie

Don't be put off by the name—Mount Tolmie should be called something more like Tolmie Hill. This easy breezy hike in Victoria looks lovely in the Fall surrounded by changing colours and you can definitely convince your timid friends to come out for a hike with you!

Fintry Falls

This magical spot is just a 45-minute drive from Downtown Kelowna. The hike to Fintry Falls takes you up a wooden staircase and through a canyon where you can discover three waterfalls with deep and mystical pools. This short hike offers a huge payoff for those willing to venture into the woods!

Whyte Lake

This hike can be a little steep to start with but is very manageable for beginners and people looking for a more casual experience. Whyte Lake is in West Vancouver not too far from Horseshoe Bay. If you're looking for a fun place to stretch your legs this Fall, check out Whyte Lake for a refreshing change. 

Mill Creek

The hushed forest in Mill Creek Regional Park near Kelowna offers easy hikes with flat trails. This hike is perfect if you're craving a little bit of wilderness but not so much that you'll lose cell service and confront cougars! 

Pincushion Mountain

The most unique hike on our list, Pincushion Mountain gets its name from a 19th-century wildfire that left the mountain looking like a pincushion! You'll need to at least wear hiking boots on this trek since there are a few gravelly sections, but the hike isn't that difficult otherwise and you'll be home in time to binge on Netflix. 

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park

There are more than 40 kilometres of gentle trails at Kenna Cartwright Park and many of them offer amazing views of the city of Kamloops and Kamloops Lake. You and your BFFs will be very comfortable on these trails since they're well marked and there are facilities nearby!

Gibson Lake Trailhead Loop

Got an hour? Then you have time to do this super easy hike! This spot is just North of Nelson and sits next to the Kokanee Glacier. You'll see abandoned mines and be surrounded by incredible mountain peaks. 

Cathedral Grove

Everyone loves Cathedral Grove because it boasts massive trees that can be up to 800 years old. You and your friends can wander along the trails that weave around these giant trees. It's a pretty humbling experience to be surrounded by nature like this without having to hike all day to catch a glimpse!


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