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“Supergirl” Season 5 Is Filming In Vancouver & There’s Tons Of Destruction (PHOTOS)

They'll need a superhero to clean up that mess!
“Supergirl” Season 5 Is Filming In Vancouver & There’s Tons Of Destruction (PHOTOS)

Canada's west coast is heating up with TV and movie production, bringing tons of celebrities to the area. Some of your favourite shows including Riverdale, The Good Doctor and even Supernatural make Vancity their filming home. Also in the area is Supergirl season five that's currently filming and fans have captured shots of the set.  

According to What's Filming, production on the newest season began in June 2019 and will run until April 2020. 

The series first premiered in 2015, and IMDb notes that season one was filmed in Los Angeles and Burbank in California. 

Season two moved over to Vancouver and a studio in Langley, B.C. is also used for production.

The series revolves around Superman's cousin, Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, played by Melissa Benoist. Her younger sister Alex Danvers is played by Grey's Anatomy alum Chyler Leigh. 

Supergirl joins forces with other superheroes including Brainy (played by Jesse Rath), Dreamer (Nicole Maines), Martian Manhunter (David Harewood), Guardian (Mehcad Brooks), and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). 

Twitter users have been sending the What's Filming account photos they snapped of the set.

On February 12, a user posted a photo of Supergirl, Dreamer, and Brainy.

The same person also shared shots they took of Alex Danvers standing under a boom mic.

Another user managed to catch a video of "Massive destruction at Surrey City Hall this morning" which looks like the perfect scene for a superhero.

This person got some awesome shots of Supergirl and Dreamer all suited up and ready for action.

This individual didn't see any of the main cast members but caught photos of "Background actors wearing national team gear at an Olympic event. Most likely Obsidian related."

On February 13, that same person shared a photo of Supergirl and Dreamer standing in front of the rubble at City Hall Plaza in Surrey.

The Hollywood North Buzz YVRShoots account shared an aerial view of the same scene.

According to the clapper board that this user shared, production was underway on episode 18 of the season.

You can watch the first four seasons of Supergirl on Netflix Canada. Look out for B.C. hotspots in the background! 

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