A new massive and completely accessible playground is coming to BC and it looks amazing! The larger than life facility will be the biggest accessible playground in all of Surrey. Aimed at engaging every child through play, this public playground will allow all types of children to interact and be a kid. 

This 12,000 square foot park in the shape of the Canadian Tire sign will be the largest and newest inclusive playground in all of Surrey. This family-friendly and inclusive area will have wheelchair ramps spanning all over the playground. There will also be a number of accessible elements including a roller slide and bucket seats with harnesses on the swings. And that’s just to name a few!

In partnership with the City of Surrey and Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, the new playground will be added to Unwin Park. As part of the charities “Play Finds A Way” movement, the park will be gifted to the city. This charity aims are removing accessibility barriers when it comes to play and sport. 

There will also be a quiet zone on the playground. This area is specially designed for children with spectrum disorders who may have a difficult time engaging in loud areas. We love how inclusive this new playground will be for all Canadian kids.

Unwin Park is already home to a lot of fun elements. The 36-acre site already has a number of cool elements including cricket and soccer fields, baseball diamonds, a basketball court, outdoor pool, accessible water park, and a community recreation hub. 

This new park is part of a $50 million fundraising commitment by Canadian Tire. This money allows the Jumpstart program to focus on implementing accessible playgrounds across Canada.

According to Canadian Tire, seven playgrounds have already been funded across Canada including ones in Charlottetown, Winnipeg, Toronto, Prince Alberta, Saint John, and Calgary. Canadian Tire estimated that through this program, over 1,900,000 kids have been helped through the power of play!

Canadian Tire has not released an estimated date of completion, however, they have stated in an email to Narcity that they are planning to build accessible park in 2019.