TD Bank is being inundated with complaints after a technical issue has led to mass amounts of paycheques not getting deposited into people's accounts. The problem appears to have affected customers in B.C. only. 

Customers jumped on Twitter earlier today to express their frustration and confusion over the unexpected shortage in their bank account. The issue prevented those with direct deposits from receiving their funds, including employees on a payroll and pensioners receiving cheques from the government. 

TD Bank having problems with direct-deposit payments such as pensions, payroll.

July 27, 2018

"You know, when you get paid and it magically disappears? Yeah, so that's what I woke up to this morning. Direct deposits have gone missing? No groceries for me. Also, no mortgage payment for you," one pissed off customer wrote to TD Bank on Twitter. 

After nearly losing it this morning, my shitty bank finally unfucked themselves and put my money into the account. #TDBank #SwitchingASAP

July 27, 2018

TD Bank is responding to each and every tweet with a similar message - "We can confirm that we experienced a delay and engaged our technology partners right away. We really apologize for the inconvenience and advise you to check your account again to see if your deposit is there."

The bank has not publicly revealed any details about the problem and what caused it to occur. It's unclear how many customers have been affected. Many people also reported problems with TD Bank's website.

@TD_Canada When are the technical issues in B.C. that prevents me from getting my paycheque today going to be fixed?! #billsdue

July 27, 2018

TD Bank provided an update on the situation less than an hour ago, saying that the issue is being resolved and all hands are on currently deck to get everyone's paycheques sorted out. 

Source: News 1130