Going to the gym marks the beginning of my day, giving me the sparks of energy that will last throughout. The post workout feeling of achievement and content are the most satisfying. I haven't found a better kick to start my day.

If you want to get back on track with your 2016 fitness resolution, joining a gym is an amazing way to stay motivated ! Fitness centres are gathering places to meet and get inspired by people who are training for competitions, who want to get fit, or who just enjoy working out.

In a city as expensive as Vancouver, affording to go to the gym can be difficult. We all prefer saving money to go out with friends rather than paying for a gym membership. If you don't work (yet!) in a company that offers gym corporate discounts, here is a list of the cheapest gyms in Vancouver:

Fit4less  // 1201W Pender

Offering $9.99 bi-weekly rate, you're only committed for two weeks. You will also get access to their other centres across BC in North Vancouver, Richmond... It has never been so easy to workout!

Spartacus Gym // 1522 Commercial Drive

Easily accessible from the Commercial - Broadway Skytrain station, drop in between 5:30am and 10pm for $36/month!

Photo cred - @glodsgymubc

Gold's Gym // 2155 Allison Rd

This is the cheapest public gym on that side of Vancouver, with an annual membership rate at $26! As it's located on UBC campus, check out their student discount at the beginning of class in September!

Suggarays Boxing & Fitness  // 1738W 3rd Ave

If you're interested in boxing classes or just looking for fitness club, this gym is currently doing a Summer Sale: $30/month for annual membership!

Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness // 1055 Canada Place

Located downtown, you'll get to workout next to the ocean for $20/month! Plus, parking spots are always available!

Richmond Sport And Fitness // 150-2251 No.5 Road

For 20$/month, get access to their fitness area, sauna, indoors soccer/volleyball/basketball courts. What else can you ask for?

Dunbar Fitness Centre //4747 Dunbar St

Managed by the Dunbar Community Centre, it's a great place to meet people from your neighbourhood! Annual memberships costs 31$/month.

Sport Central // 2611 Viscount Way

In this giant fitness club, you'll never have to fight to get a treadmill! The bi-annual membership only costs 30$/month.

Birdcoop Fitness Centre // 600 Student Union Blvd

You'll never be more happy to be a UBC student! With the lowest rate of Vancouver ($7.5/month), find your workout buddy and start on your fitness journey !

Denman Fitness // 1731 Comox St

You might pay a little more (41$/month), but the facilities of Denman are crazy! Get your post workout stretch in their jacuzzi!

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