Since you are probably about to book your summer vacation and crying while looking at your bank account, I decided to do some research to find the cheapest travel destinations for 2016!

Here are the top 11 places you should consider going, according to Lonely Planet & Forbes (because Vancouver is making us all poor).

Thrace Region, Turkey

This region starts from Istanbul and stretches north-west between the Black and Aegean Seas. This part of Turkey is immersed in the Bulgaria and Greece culture, and has nothing to do with the traditional Turkey of the East. I also recommend to do this cruise in the south of Turkey. You can book it with any travel agents and negotiate the price.

East Africa

The Eastern Africa has so much to offer. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the rest of the region are all wonderful places to travel. Majestic beaches, deserts, and breathtaking landscapes are all freely accessible.


You don't need Kylie Jenner's bank account to travel to Estonia. It's totally possible to stay in hotels without blowing your budget because of the low cost of living. The Nordic and Eastern influences of this european country are very charming.

Photo cred - @Linhavouable

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

This country is a great alternative to Thailand. You can easily find a accommodation, eat well and go out in these 2 cities for under $20 (US) a day.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Europe is often perceived as an expensive continent. Fortunately, there are still a few places where you can find a good deal, like Bosnia and Herzegovina. The food, the accommodations and the transport are so cheap that you'll have money left to spend on amazing activities like rafting on the Una River or skiing!


This country is an awesome alternative to Greece. The Adriatic coast is stunning! Split and Dubrovnik, the most well known cities, are both super affordable. You can definitely go out, eat at the restaurant and sleep in a comfortable hostel for under $50 per day. If you want to experience the best party island in the world, take a boat to Hvar, you wont regret it.

Galicia, Spain

Located in the northwest of the country, Galicia is somehow the last frontier of Spain. This wilderness area in the rocky coast is a paradise. With countless unspoiled villages and beautiful beaches, Galicia is definitely a place to see and the cost of living is very cheap. The amazing food and the many tapas bars will conquer all of the foodies!

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast

The Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is the place to go if your need exoticism in your life. This always changing destination is the sanctuary of sloths, turtles, surf, black sands beaches, diving and rafting. The most amazing thing about this place is that it's not much visited by tourists, so it's really not expensive to live there.

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This new asian country is perfect if you prefer lesser-known destinations. You'll find cheap beach shacks on the beaches of Atauro Island and good deals away from the expensive capital, Dili.

George Town, Malaysia

Foodies' favourite destination. The street cuisine, inspired by Malay,
 Chinese and Indian food, is super affordable! According to some travel bloggers, you can eat super well for under $10 
a day. Accommodation is also cheap and this UNESCO World Heritage
 city has a lot to offer.

Western Australia

Breathtaking scenery. These are the first words that come to my mind when I think of Western Australia. It's now possible to visit this far destination on a budget because of the fluctuation of the Australian dollar. The dreamlike landscapes and iconic natural sites will make you dream, that's for sure! And if you like good wine, southwestern vineyards will please you too.

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