9 Types of People You Will Definitely Meet On The Skytrain

Perfect place to make new friends. Or not.
9 Types of People You Will Definitely Meet On The Skytrain

If you take public transit regularly, you've probably seen it all and have some stories to tell from it. Whether it's someone trying to show you their mixtape or someone trying to give you unwarranted fashion advice, the SkyTrain is full of all kinds of interesting people. There's no such thing as an uneventful commute in Vancouver, after all.

Anyone who has ever taken the SkyTrain has probably encountered almost all of the following types of people, and whether you like them or not, they're what makes taking the train so fascinating. Especially when it's not happening to you.

1. The talker

All you want to do is listen to some music and look out the window for a bit, and this person is fully aware that you have your headphones in. However, they will just talk and talk and talk until you notice that they're talking to you, and remove an earbud. The second you do though, you're trapped into a one-sided conversation that lasts from Patterson to Robson.

2. The rowdy one

There's always at least one person on the SkyTrain that will flip out over the smallest things. Maybe they don't like how loud your music is, or maybe you accidentally made eye contact with their significant other and now they're furious. SkyTrain arguments are so common place these days, that you can always pick out a local based on how little it phases them.

3. The personal space invader

If the train is absolutely packed, there obviously aren't a whole lot of options for respecting someone's personal bubble. Everyone is crammed together and sweaty, and someone else's hair is stuck in your mouth. Everyone is suffering together in harmony. However, if the train is nearly empty and you still sit in the seat directly beside me, we're going to have a problem. Why are you like this? Why don't you want your own spacious seat somewhere else?

4. The person who thinks the SkyTrain has the ideal sleeping conditions

How do you fall asleep in the first place? It's so rocky and loud, not to mention the lady who yells over the speakers every time you approach a new stop. Are you even aware of where you are? How far are you from home at this point? Are you okay?

5. The snoop

There's nothing worse than when you're on your phone and the person beside you is hardcore lurking. You instantly feel judged, because this person just saw that you have only been listening to Aaron Carter for the entire ride. You try not to care because it's just some stranger who you'll never see again, but also you kind of feel the need to explain to them why you just texted your best friend twelve pictures of pigeons in hats.

6. The soulmate

Falling in love with someone on public transit is the ultimate tragedy. You're admiring them from across the SkyTrain, and spend the whole trip making eye contact in two second intervals. It's intense. By Commercial-Broadway you've already pictured your wedding and your life together, and are contemplating how cute your kids will be. Then they get off at Granville when you're going to Waterfront, and you never see them again. This process repeats forever and ever.

7. The person who definitely should've saved that phone call for when they got off of the SkyTrain

You're just trying to relax in your blue, pleather seat, but someone is yelling into her phone about how her best friend who isn't really her best friend anymore stole her husband so now she's going downtown to pop some tires. Everyone on the train is listening intently, because let's be real, you have eight stops left on your commute and what else is there to do on the SkyTrain?

8. The stumbler

There's always a couple of these on every train, and it's entertaining to watch as long as they aren't near you. Usually a business man in RayBans trying to prove that he's still cool, they just can't seem to stay upright for the life of them. Every slight shift or bump just sends them flying, but they still refuse to put their phone away and hang on to one of the bars.

9. The seat hog

Your bag does not need a seat. Your skateboard does not need a seat. I need a seat, and I am fully prepared to dropkick your backpack out of the train the second those doors open.

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