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Batman's Bat Signal Was Spotted In The Sky In Canada This Weekend (PHOTOS)

The Bat Signal was seen in this Canadian city over the weekend.

It's every kid's dream to see your favourite comic book come to life. Well, some Canadians had the pleasure of seeing Batman come to life this weekend. According to several pictures that have surfaced online, the Bat Signal was spotted in the sky over a Canadian city this past weekend. 

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you look up into the sky only to see the infamous Bat Signal. This bright and recognizable beacon was seen in a very popular Canadian city over the weekend. 

According to an Instagram post, the Bat Signal was seen shining brightly in the Vancouver skies this weekend. It was everyone’s childhood dream come true! The light looked exactly like it did in the comic books and movies, just minus Batman and Gotham City. 

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One Instagram user happened to get up close and personal with the Bat Signal and posted out it on Instagram. According to Gurjeet Singh, the popular distress beacon was located near the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

Via Gurjeet Singh | Instagram.com

But don’t get your hopes up. The city didn’t purchase the Bat Signal because Vancouver is in need of a masked vigilante. Rather, The CW is filming their new Batwoman TV series right here in Vancouver! And if you ask me, that’s equally as cool. 

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The Bat Signal was not the only cool thing Vancouverites saw this weekend. The Vancouver Art Gallery got a complete makeover for the TV show. From top to bottom, the gallery was covered in huge banners that read "Mayor Atkins" and "Gotham." Also on set for filming was a huge red carpet that was laid out over the gallery steps.

Via Gurjeet Singh | Instagram.com

“Batman, and all things Batman, make my inner child get all excited, and this was pretty awesome,” wrote Singh in his Instagram post. “soon as I got wind about this, I had to head downtown!”

Via Gurjeet Singh | Instagram.com

Singh wasn’t the only one that saw this signal and responded. Many others took to Instagram to post about the sighting and the dressed-up Vancouver Art Gallery. Think Batman saw it? 

@pablo.griffembedded via  

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Make sure you keep an eye out for any celebrities walking around Vancouver. Since they're currently filming Batwoman here, you could run Ruby Rose or other familiar faces!