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A Designer Litter Box Brand Is Blowing Up In Canada & It's So Vancouver It Hurts

It's topping charts as the country's #1 kickstarter! 😹

Cats know they are royalty and deserve to be treated as such. In order to make sure your kitty lives their best life, a designer litter box was developed in Vancouver. It is now blowing up all over Canada and has even become the country's number one Kickstarter. Everything about The Cove Kickstarter is so Vancouver it hurts. 

According to the local Kickstarter campaign, you could fill up almost 3,300 football fields if you had one litter box for each cat in America alone. 

Knowing this, a Vancouver man by the name of Jackson Cunningham saw the need to expand on a very niche market that can be rather… messy. 

He designed The Cove, the Mercedes Benz of cat boxes made in Vancouver.

While it may seem ridiculous, the even crazier part is that it is blowing up in Canada and has now become the number one Kickstarter in our nation. 

Cunningham explained that this high-end washroom for your cat is made out of recycled plastics.

In the future, the company hopes to make its products from recycled plastics from the ocean but for now, they are still doing their part to help the environment. 

This “re-engineered litter box” is designed as a “beautiful litter box built by cat lovers.”

Apparently, a lot of people are interested in this product because according to the Kickstarter, $98,008 has been pledged by 685 people, way surpassing the campaign's $13,164 goal. 

Cunningham explained to Vancouver is Awesome that as of January 22, 2020, almost 700 people have placed pre-orders for The Cove. The product retails for about US$99.

He also told the publication that he completely sold out of his early-bird sales in one week. 

He is now going to be breaking the six-figure margin in just eight days thanks to buyers from all over including New York, San Francisco, Australia, and of course, Metro Vancouver. 

Even though the company is based out of Vancouver, 95% of the product's customers come from the U.S.

Along with being environmentally-friendly, Cunningham says that he has partnered with 50 shelters across the U.S. to supply litter boxes.

Vancouver loves its animals, so it’s no surprise that a company like this exists in our city. 

Between cat cafes and puppy play dates, this city is all about giving fur babies the love they deserve. 

Back in November, Vancity even had a pop-up event that featured Justin Bieber's wedding photographer. During the event, you could actually get a glamourous photo taken for free with your pet.