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The Dating Profiles Of Every Vancouver Man

I want all of the babes.
The Dating Profiles Of Every Vancouver Man

I'm not going to lie to ya'll, I have dated my fair share of Vancouver men, so writing this list was not hard. Although it did make me reflect on some of my past relationships, and that's a flashback I didn't necessarily need again, but I digress.

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For real though, dating in Vancouver can be hard whether you're a girl or a guy. The term 6 Degrees of Separation does not apply here. Its more like 2 degrees, so the chances of dating someone that one of your homies hasn't already banged, is pretty small.

To all my fellow single Vancouver ladies, I wish you the best of luck in finding Mr. Right. Have fun, use protection and say what's up to my ex on your next date.

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Age: 25-35

Occupation: Barber

Hobbies: Motorcycles, tattoos, beards, drinking beer and occasionally doing some Instagram modeling.

Looking for: Someone to not give a fuck with, a girl who enjoys drinking beers but has a model-thin body and lots of tattoos. A girl that will look good in leather on the back of his motorcycle and also understand that he didn't choose to be Instagram famous, it just happened.


Age: 19-30

Occupation: musician (bartender)

Hobbies: working on music, performing, being alone, Skyping with his mom

Looking for: someone to fall in love with but never fully commit to.

Commercial Drive

Age: 25-35

Occupation: Yoga instructor

Hobbies: Eating Vegan, growing vegetables, wearing Birkenstocks

Looking for: Fitness model or Pilates instructor. Must cook delicious Vegan dishes.

Main Street 

Age: 21-30

Occupation: Works at a dispensary

Hobbies: getting stoned, skateboarding, graffiti.

Looking for: A stoner girl who likes playing video games and watching Star Wars. Someone to stay in bed with all day.

Coal Harbour

Age: 24-35

Occupation: Some kind of engineer

Hobbies: Food, wine, and travel

Looking for: A girl to take home to mom.

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West Vancouver a.k.a The Fuckboy

Age: 19-25

Occupation: Student/trust fund baby (designer)

Hobbies: Partying at The Alexander on Fridays, getting hyphy, wearing clothes they made themselves and doing bumps in the bathroom.

Looking for: Any girl that will go home with them at the end of the night.


Age: 25-35

Occupation: Trainer/Drug Dealer

Hobbies: Steroids, the gym, lifting (GTL!!!)

Looking for: A gym rat with fake tits and a small dog (The Yaletown girl is the perfect match for this man)


Age: 22-29

Occupation: Graduated from UBC with a business degree

Hobbies: The beach, tanning, beach volleyball

Looking for: The girl next-door, should have at least 20k Instagram followers and a great relationship with her mom.

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