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The First Ever Amazon Store Just Opened Near Vancouver And We're Stunned

Today marks a potentially groundbreaking opening as the first ever Amazon grocery store is open for business - affectionately dubbed 'Amazon Go'. It's Amazon's (and the world's) first checkout-free grocery store. But not just checkout free. There are no checkouts, no cashiers, no registers, and no lines.

The store is 1,800 square feet and works as such: upon entrance, shoppers require an app called Amazon Go. The app automatically adds products that they plan to buy in a shopping cart and then shoppers just walk right out of the building. When the product is added to your cart, you won't need to make any changes or additions. The system even knows when you're putting something back! Upon leaving the store, Amazon automatically charges your account. 

It's safe to say that is only the beginning for the company. While this is their first venture into a new age of shopping, Amazon is looking to open up 20 more within the next few years. With grocery stores already being spearheaded, it's not difficult to  see the same treatment being given to other retail stores in the near future. 

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