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The First-Ever Pokémon GO Dating Service Is Now Available In Canada

Ever since it's been available in Canada,  we've all heard, seen, and dreamed of Pokemon Go. This revolutionary app that brought us back to the world of Pikachu has reached impressive success worldwide.

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Childhood memories resurfaced from the time we used to play the Pokemon card game or watch the show after school. We all miss that period of innocence when all that mattered was how much time you could play with your siblings. Nintendo came up with a brilliant ideas to re-connect us with our siblings and stay in touch with our friends.

One important thing haters seem to forget is the point of this app: socialization. You have the possibility of creating a team with your friends and exchange the Pokemon's you've caught.

The widely popular game is now taking us to a whole new level! A dating service for Pokemon Go has just been launched called Pokedate. Created by the US company Project Fixeup, you'll now be able to match with Pokemon players AND catch Pokemon together! How perfect is that?

We even have a promo code for you to get a free trial! When signing up, you'll be asked a couple of questions about your interests and will be matched with other players. The idea is to create incentives for people to meet and potentially build a relationship. Plus, it takes out the issue of "making conversation" when going on Tinder dates: share with your catch your childhood memories and catch Pokemon together!

Get your Pokedate account here.

Promo code to get a free-trial: POKEDATES2016

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