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The Largest Plant Sale In BC Is Happening In Vancouver This Spring And It’s So Cute

Get that natural boho-aesthetic in your place this spring and shop at this massive plant sale in Vancouver. The 41st Annual VanDusen Plant Sale is happening this spring and we can't wait to go!

This is so much more than a plant sale—it's a massive event that brings together plant-lovers from around the community. There will be thousands of plants for sale from the rare and exotic to the simple and nearly impossible to kill.

Locals are very hardcore about this plant sale. Many of them bring their own wagons, carts and boxes so that they can carry their new plant babies home. You'll definitely want to get there early to have the first pick of the litter! While you're there, you can wander VanDusen gardens and check out everything from paths full of blossoming trees to their Elizabethan hedge maze!

Having plants at home, in your garden or on your balcony is always a good thing. Houseplants can help clean and detox the air in your home and having a few plants outside will help support pollinators like bees, hummingbirds and butterflies! Plus, when it's summer and the breeze is blowing through your herbs, flowers and mini-bushes—it makes your life lush!

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Via Flickr | Ruth Hartnup

Via Flickr | Dennis Sylvester Hurd

The 41st Annual VanDusen Plant Sale is happening on Sunday, April 28th from 10 AM to 4 PM. It helps to raise funds for the garden since all proceeds are donated to the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association. It's totally free to attend, plus free admission to the gardens, but the prices of individual plants vary. The first week of April, they'll be releasing a catalogue online that will show you what kinds of pants you can expect to see.

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