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The Most Expensive House In Vancouver Is Straight Out Of A James Bond Film

There's no way you can afford this mansion.

When we were little, we were told fairytales were about princesses with giant castles in magical lands. Now our dream castle is just a regular house. We found the most expensive house in Vancouver for sale right now and it's seriously insane. From a crazy amount of bedrooms to a swimming pool and personal elevator, this place has it all. Not to mention a whopping price tag to match.

Being able to afford anything in Vancouver is hard. We have to work an insane amount of hours to even afford the rent in a one-bedroom place. According to a recent study, most millennials won’t be able to own a home until we are 80. But it’s not our fault! We are working hard but the housing crisis is all too real.

In fact, it's actually cheaper to buy a private island

There are, however, a few houses on the market for under $1 million. These condos are adorable but while we were looking for the cheapest places, we actually found one of the most extravagant houses for sale that happens to be the most expensive listing in Vancouver.

Still, we love dreaming about this epic modern mansion that will literally make you feel like you're in a James Bond movie. This place is insane and has literally everything you could think of.

If you happen to have an extra $39 million laying around, this place could be yours. To be exact, the house goes for $39,980,000.

This 25,340 square foot house was originally built in 1922 but it looks totally modern.

Equipt with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and five fireplaces, this place looks like a James Bond action scene would definitely take place here.

Although it doesn’t have any underground vaults, hidden passageways, or a Joker-inspired home theatre, it does have some pretty amazing features.

We hope you like wine because this place has an enormous wine cellar. While it does not say how many bottles it can fit, we have to imagine it’s like having your own winery.

You will also never need to leave your private lot again as there is a gym built right in. When you’re done, we suggest checking out your personal aquarium and koi pond.

Not only are the amenities amazing but the place itself is epic. Situated in your own private lot you will have views of mountains literally everywhere you look.

If you happen to be able to afford this, you are probably the same person that spent an insane amount of money on Raptors tickets

Maybe we will be there someday. Until then, we can fantasize about it while living in our one-bedroom, 500 square foot studio. That we share.

Vancouver's Most Expensive Listing

Price: $39,980,000

Address: 1233 Tecumseh Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Buy It: If you can afford it, why not? This secluded pad has literally everything and I bet you could throw some epic parties here. 

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