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The New Totoro-Inspired Cat Cafe In Vancouver Is Officially Opening This Summer

Vancouver is long overdue for a whimsical cafe the likes of which you can only find in Japan. We won't have to wait much longer since a Totoro-themed Cat Cafe is opening soon in Mount Pleasant! You have to go to Catoro Cafe this Summer to see this magical place in person. 

This enchanting cafe is inspired by Miyazaki's classic anime film My Neighbour Totoro and it will look like a magical forest paradise for cats. It's going to be similar to the Temari No Ouchi Cat Cafe in Japan and if the photos are to be believed, then this will be the most adorable place to open up in Vancouver in a long time! Imagine a cute storybook world with a touch of Totoro magic thrown in.

Partnering with Cat Therapy and Rescue Society, this cafe will be a welcome addition to a city that desperately needs more adorable animal cafes. They are a great way to support animals in your community that need homes. If you're looking for a new feline addition to your family, then it's a really cute way to meet cats!

Step through the magical tree trunk that separates the cafe from the cats! Just like other cat cafes, there will two separate spaces: one for the cafe and one for the cats. You can enjoy bubble tea and bubble waffles in the cafe side before heading in to hang out with the cats. You can play, pet and cuddle with highly social cats and you're going to be able to have super-adorable photos.

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Via Catoro

Via Catoro

Construction is now underway at Catoro Cafe! They'll be opening later this year in early Summer at 666 East Broadway by Fraser Street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Check out their Facebook page for updates, cute cat photos and to learn more! You can also see their GoFundMe page and get exclusive freebies and bonuses by showing your support. Here's what the spot is expected to look like!

Via Catoro

Via Catoro

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