The Otters At The Vancouver Aquarium Got The Cutest Gift For Valentines Day Ever (VIDEO)

These adorable Vancouver otters really enjoy their Valentines Day gift.
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The Otters At The Vancouver Aquarium Got The Cutest Gift For Valentines Day Ever (VIDEO)

Valentines Day is the perfect excuse to give the one you love something to remind them how amazing they are. But these heart-shaped gifts and candies don’t have to be just for us humans. Let's be honest, many of us love our animal buddies more than people. TheVancouver Aquarium rewarded their adorable otters by giving them the cutest gift on Valentine's Day. A video of them excitedly devouring their gifts was posted on their Facebook page and if this doesn’t fill your heart with love on the day of love, I don’t know what will. 

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The Vancouver Aquarium gets a lot of attention for their adorable otters, and it’s really no surprise. These things are constantly moving around and entertaining large crowds with their antics. In order to show them how much they are loved, the aquarium gave them a tasty treat in the shape of a heart. 

This yummy snack was made with shrimp paste and a whole lot of love. And if you ask us, we really think you can’t go wrong with giving food as a gift! 

Accompanied by the shrimp valentines, a series of frozen heart shapes were sprinkled on the ground. We have been told that each heart has frozen shrimp paste inside. Not only do the otters love this snack, but they can also play with it for hours making it the perfect (and delicious) toy for Valentine's. Talk about romantic! 

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Of course, a Valentines Day gift wouldn’t be complete without some cheesy saying. “I love you like no otter” is seen written across the large shrimpy valentine and it is otterly cute. (Sorry, we had to.)

A video of the otters reacting to the Valentine has been posted on the aquariums Facebook page and it is sure to go viral. With over 800 reactions, 12,000 views, and 300 shares, these otters are a crowd favourite. 

The comment section of the video is filled with hundreds of people wishes these little guys the best Valentines Day ever. Some people even admitted to watching the video serval times because it was just that cute! (Don't worry, we did too.)

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Just a few days ago, the Vancouver otters went viral again after they were spotted playing (and munching) on snowballs during Vancouver's snowstorm. It's safe to say that the otters are a favourite among locals for their adorable antics.

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Tonight, Vancouver Aquarium will host a special After Hours event for adults only in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Tickets are sold out but if you were lucky enough to grab tickets, you may just spot the otters munching away on Valentines tonight! 

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