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The Safeways Closing Down In Vancouver Today To Be Replaced By This Popular Ontario Grocery Chain: Report

Today, eight Safeway grocery stores are closing their doors for good across the Greater Vancouver Area. 

According to reports, a very cheap alternative may be replacing about half of the stores that are closing down and we're really excited for what's to come.

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Vince L Ready is a mediator known for negotiating high profile contracts in BC. He recently oversaw the contracts for BC's teacher strike. According to News1130, Ready is overseeing the contract negotiations that could see the following locations re-open as Fresh&Co stores. 

  1. Safeway in Blundell, Richmond
  2. Safeway in Broadmoor, Richmond
  3. Safeway in Newton Town Center, Surrey
  4. Safeway in Strawberry Hills, Surrey
  5. Safeway in Mission

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Back in December 2017, FreshCo revealed their plans to expand into Western Canada. The brand is already well known on the East Coast so they've decided to rebrand some stores in Vancouver. 

CEO Michael Medline stated that the company decided to convert some of it's 255 Sobeys and Safeway stores into FreshCo. 

So what is FreshCo? It's basically No Frills: as cheap but way more beautiful. I'm not joking! FreshCo is already well known on the East Coast as one of the best affordable places to shop for your fresh food!

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FreshCo. is a discount banner of Sobey's Incorporated. The company is 100% Canadian owned and was established in 1907. FreshCo. launched in 2010 and has been committed to providing Canadians will delicious fresh foods at low prices! 

FreshCo. has 92 stores in 50 cities across Ontario. 

We're so lucky that this healthy company has decided to come over BC! 

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