The Sloths At The Vancouver Aquarium Are The Most Hilarious And Adorable Creatures Ever (VIDEOS)

Sloths at the Vancouver Aquarium are adorable creatures!
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The Sloths At The Vancouver Aquarium Are The Most Hilarious And Adorable Creatures Ever (VIDEOS)

Get ready for a cuteness overload. The Vancouver Aquarium is back with another video and they may have outdone themselves this time. In case you need more proof as to why sloths are the most adorable creatures ever, the Vancouver Aquarium posted a new video showing off their unique body parts. Oddly enough, locals are living for it and its drawing attention to how utterly adorable the Vancouver Aquarium sloths are.

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This morning, the Vancouver Aquarium posted a video showing viewers what a sloth's ears actually look like. Before you get confused, keep reading. If you are like me than you knew that sloths had ears but you didn’t really think much else about it. After this video, I am looking at sloths in an entirely new light and the cuteness is real. 

In the video,you can see an aquarium worker pull back the sloth's hair to reveal the cutest little button ears you've ever seen. They kind of look like human ears and they are nothing like what people were expecting. 

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People have been going crazy in the comment section of the video, which already has over 2,700 views. Most people are incredibly blessed to have this new information. Others are lost in the cuteness of it all and can’t get enough. 

Other commenters are sharing their fun facts about sloths. “These have always been my favourite animal. They amazing me at how slow they are on land, but fast swimmers! Never thought about their ears! That's adorable,” said one Facebook user.

This isn’t the first adorable sloth video the aquarium has posted. In fact, they have shared quite a bit over the years. Another notable and adorable video that has surfaced is one from October 2017. 

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On International Sloth Day,the aquarium posted a video of two sloths snoozing away the day. One of them even fell asleep mid snack and has a little grape hanging out of his mouth! If that's not stinking adorable, we don't know what is!

Last year, they also posted a video to celebrate one of the sloth’s birthdays. On June 28, 2018, the aquarium posted a video of Hurricane to wish her a happy 21st birthday. The curious Hurricane got up close and personal with the camera and we are so glad she did! 

We celebrated Hurricane’s 21st birthday today and things got mild! Swipe ➡️ to see Hurricane’s self-portraits to mark the occasion 🎈🎉 . . . #sloth #vancouver #vanaqua #explorebc #slothsofinstagram #slothfanworld

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Currently, the Vancouver Aquarium has two sloths, Hurricane and Sally. Both can be visited during the aquarium's hours of operation. They like to hide in the trees and nap, so be sure to look up!

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