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The Vancouver Event You Should Check Out If You're Bored With Your Job Right Now

Don’t dread Mondays anymore.

When you get up in the morning, you never want to go to work. When you're there, the clock barely moves and you can't wait to leave.

Sound familiar? Maybe you were one of those people who looked forward to Mondays, who talked about work all the time and who may or may not have been slightly obnoxious about how awesome your job is - and then you lost that loving feeling.

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Feeling bored or uninspired when it comes to your career is pretty much the worst. Unfortunately, with an increasingly challenging job market for individuals in Canada, a change in career path can prove difficult if you don't hold the right qualifications.

Getting yourself qualified beyond a simple undergrad degree is becoming more and more important: a basic degree may get your foot in the door and most employers expect it as a bare minimum. But if you want to stand out from a pool of job candidates with the same qualifications (looking at you, BA holders), having a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) will give you that edge on the competition.

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An MBA can give you access to some of the highest-paying careers in Canada today. And luckily, there's one event coming up in Vancouver that puts some of the world's best business schools together under one roof. It lets you rub elbows with admissions advisors, get advice on your applications, and access scholarships to fund your education (yes, you read that right). It's called the QS World MBA Tour, and it's basically everything you need to help you achieve your ultimate #careergoals—and it’s completely free!

Offering the best selection and direct access to the highest-quality Canadian and international business schools, this event is KEY for those of us who know they want an MBA, those who are thinking about going back to school and even those who are just currently bored out of their brains at their job and are looking for a change in career.

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The QS World MBA Tour is the leading provider of worldwide MBA information, and the event is a one-stop shop for all your MBA needs: attendees can speak face-to-face with admissions directors from top local and international business schools, get advice on their applications, get tips on the GMAT exam, and apply for a pool of MBA scholarships worth $7 million.

Let's be honest, going back to school involves investing some serious time and money, so you're going to want to get the best use out of it that you possibly can.

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The QS World MBA Tour works with the best learning institutions in the world, so you know that you're getting the best advice out there. If you're looking for valuable insight, you can get it straight from the source: QS lets you speak to fellow MBA candidates, alumni and industry professionals about all of your MBA needs.

Oh, and did we mention that the event also gives attendees free professional headshots, resume advice and test prep discounts? Yeah, told you this would seriously help you achieve your #careergoals. They'll even help connect you with the perfect school to earn your MBA.

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Sound interesting? Of course it does! Start your brand new career journey with the help of the QS World MBA Tour on Tuesday, September 25 at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel.

This is bound to be a packed event, so online registration is recommended as spaces are limited. QS does have some walk-in slots available on the day, but if you're looking to get the best career you can, skip the risk and head to their website to register now.

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Check out the QS World MBA Tour website as well as their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more details.