The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Is Back Next Month

The weather has been insane in Vancouver lately, to say the least. One day its sunny and the next it's a snowstorm. Its hard to remember imagine that the warm, sunny weather can exist in Vancouver.

But were here to remind you that it does (yay!) and its closer than you think! Because after winter is spring and the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival returns in a little over a month! Soon pops of pink will be spread across the city and winter will be long gone. And your Insta feed can go from moody and grey to vibrant and colourful (if you're into that kind of theme).

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The festival will run from April 3 to April 29, 2018. Presented by the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation and Coromandel Properties, there will be several community events to celebrate this cheerful, vibrant season.

Some of the staple events include the free Cherry Jam Downtown Concert at Burrard Station, the Sakura Illumination at the Queen Elizabeth Park, Sakura Night Gala the Stanley Park Pavilion, The Big Picnic at the Queen Elizabeth Park, and more.

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To help give you the best cherry blossom experience, The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival also has a neighbourhood map with several features. The map offers over 2,689 locations of ornamental cherries as well as locations with the best photo-ops. It's still early in the season, so you can also check the "Blooming Now" feature to find which spots already have sprung cherry blossoms.  

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To keep updated with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and their events, make sure to check their website.