Looking for a way to impress your Tinder date? We get it, dating is exhausting, you have to dress nicely, act smart, and at least sound funny. Why not alleviate some of that stress and leave the humour up to the professionals.

Starting next week, The Vancouver TheatreSports League is presenting a live improv show on the funniest topic in town - the US election. Taking place 24 years in the future, political spectators look back at the year 2016 to understand how world politics have become so laughable.

From Trump and Hilary to Trudeau and Putin, the show "Trump Card – Winner Takes All" keeps you and your date laughing all night long... or at least until you realize this stuff is actually happening.

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Entertaining over 60,000 Vancouverites annually, the VTSL is an expert in all things comedy. Whether you are venturing out on a first date, or just hanging out with friends, this event is sure to impress.

And yes, we know there's only one thing that can improve an evening like this. So the answer is yes, there is alcohol. The theatre is fully equipped with a bar and lounge so you can bring drinks right to your table. And since seats start at just $10, you'll actually have enough money to get boozed up.

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But don't party too hard and miss the punchlines, because you will never see the same show twice! Performing without the safety net of a script is what the VTSL is all about. The audience actually gets to call the shots, deciding which events will shape the future of our world.

Was it the untimely disappearance of Trump’s hairdresser? Or perhaps Trudeau and Putin’s ‘who wore it best’ bare-chest competition? All's fair in the game of world politics, but the action doesn't stop there.

The second half of the show has you helping choose two candidates to run for world leadership to #maketheworldgreatagain. We assure you that your opinion has never been so important.

So just do it. Swipe right and invite that special someone to what we are calling the most hilarious event in Vancouver. The show runs Thursday to Saturday evenings starting September 28 through November 19 at The Improv Centre on Granville Island.

Check out the Vancouver TheaterSports League website and Facebook Page for more info and to get your tickets.