Vancouver Officially Has The Worst Traffic In All Of Canada

Beating out even Toronto and Montreal. 😭
The Worst Traffic In Canada Is In Vancouver & It's Worse Than Toronto And Montreal

Nothing brings stress and rage like a good old traffic jam. If you're a city driver who commutes during rush hour, you know a special kind of mystery that only nine to five folks can understand. If you've had the pleasure of commuting in a number of different cities, you've probably got an idea of which city has the worst traffic in Canada. Putting your theories to the test, we've got the answer. Vancouver officially has the worst traffic of all the cities in the country and we're never going to let anyone tell us "it's not that bad" ever again.

The TomTom Traffic Index has released its annual traffic report which covers 416 cities, 57 countries, and 6 continents worldwide.

The index judges traffic by urban congestion and, you guessed it, Vancouver is as congested as it gets. 

You may have assumed that other Canadian cities would beat out Vancouver for the number one spot. If you were thinking that Toronto would be at the top of the list, you were close because the 6ix came in second place.

Next in line is Montreal followed by Ottawa, Halifax, London, Winnipeg, Quebec, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, and finally Kitchener-Waterloo.

If you've driven in Toronto or Montreal, you can attest to the fact that the traffic is brutal. So, you can only imagine what poor Vancouverites have to endure every day.

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It looks like Vancouver is the only city in western Canada with notably awful traffic. Though it seems bad in Calgary when you're in your car on Deerfoot, it turns out you've actually got it pretty good.

Don't even get us started on Edmonton. Next to Kitchener-Waterloo, you've got it totally made over there in central Alberta.

As for poor old Vancouver, the city scored number 40 in the world ranking. The report also explains which day in 2019 made for the best and worst traffic in Vancity.

As you could probably guess, the best day on the roads was Christmas Day, December 25. As for the worst, that fateful day fell on September 12.

According to the report, Vancouver’s worst time of the week for traffic congestion is between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursdays. Apparently travelling after 6 p.m. on Thursdays is the ticket to time-saving.

The report explains that Vancouverites lost about six days and five hours while caught in rush hour in 2019.

If you've ever thought traffic in your city was bad, take a moment to think of poor, sweet Vancouver.

The city is mayhem when it snows and the roads are no exception. But even when the roads are dry as a bone, the congestion is still very real.

Our thoughts are with you, Vancouverites.

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