British Columbia has natural beauty in every corner. Wherever you turn, you can appreciate Canada's most beautiful province. Although Vancouver is a lovely, buzzing city, we all crave some solitude sometimes. What better place to sit and ponder than a cave?

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With several natural caves throughout the province, these little pockets of peace and quiet are not hard to get to. Why not plan the perfect day trip this summer and make your way to the enchanting Upana Caves on Vancouver Island.

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Located on the community of Gold River, BC, the caves are about a 5 and a half hour drive from the city. When you get there, you have access to explore over 100 caves in the area! Some of the caves are known to extend for more than 2,000 ft underground! Dress warm, bring a strong flashlight and let the exploring begin.

Photo cred- @nativiet

You can check out the caves by yourself or join a guided tour. Guided tours are recommended for the deeper caves as they can be tough to navigate without proper equipment. Either way, your adventure is sure to be epic.

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