If you dream of waking up on picturesque beach with bronzed skin and not a worry in the world, but can't afford the trip to Hawaii, do not fret – there is incredible island within our own province that is just as remarkable. In the middle of the Salish Sea, the "jewel of the Gulf" awaits.

Hornby Island is an amazing little slice of paradise. As soon as you arrive, you'll be overwhelmed with island charm, lovely people, and endless activities. There are several spectacular hikes, some of the best beaches in British Columbia, warm waters (generally speaking), great places to go fishing, fantastic kayaking, boat rentals, mountain biking, and so much more.

The island is home to about 1000 year-round residents, making it a very authentic and peaceful community where you will surely find yourself very comfortable. Stay at a quaint seaside cottage or a hospitable B&B, stroll the cheerful streets, and dine at local eateries.

The way of life on Hornby Island is infatuating. The progressive-minded island folk work hard to create a sustainable and relaxing environment for themselves and the many wonderful creatures that call the island home. Share the waters with sea lions as eagles soar overhead and be happy that you decided to take this well deserved vacation!

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