All vegans reminisce about the old days when they used to love and pine for a big old rack of barbeque ribs. Okay, maybe not all vegans, but I'm sure if I went vegan, I would. But not to fret, because vegan food is getting better and better, and a small barbecue joint down in Portland, Orgeon is taking vegan food to the next level.

Located in the St. John's neighbourhood of Portland is the vegan barbecue joint, Homegrown Smokers. These guys are dishing up massive portions of hearty and comforting barbecue like you've never seen before...and it's all 100% vegan!

How can that be? Well, when owner Jeff Ridabock went vegan, he missed the deep, smoky flavours of barbecue. So he decided to "apply all traditional-type barbecue methods to vegan foods" and it worked! Voila: Homegrown Smokers.

You can get vegan tempeh "ribs" that are slow smoked, fried to get that cripsy texture, and then smothered and drowned in a plant-based barbecue sauce.

via @veganfatkid

Like is this shit even vegan?!

They're also well known for their Slosmomofo which is kind of like a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, but instead, they use smoked soy curls that are grilled and drowned in BBQ sauce. Mmmmmm.

Last but not least, their Macnocheeto is to die for. It's basically a burrito packed with their famous "macnocheese", smoked soy curls, and BBQ beans.

via @veganfatkid

So for all you Vancouver vegans who are looking to satisfy their soul without hurting one, it's about time you made the road trip down "south".