Thank the LAWD! Because Vancouver has been waiting for this moment for like, 5eva. You've heard of the Cookie Dough Cafe in the big apple and Dough TO in the six, and now Vancouver can get it too.

The gourmet food store Well Seasoned, located in Langley, is blessing our city with edible cookie dough in tubs. They have just released their Ready-To-Eat Cookie Dough and it is seriously everything right now.

There are four different delicious flavours to suit your cookie dough needs - Sugar Sugar (old fashioned sugar cookie with sprinkles), Cranberry Chocolate Chip, Classic Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. So whatever kind of cookie dough you're craving, they've got you.

No need to worry about getting a stomach ache either. Well Seasoned has made their cookie dough without any raw or unpasteurized ingredients, so when enjoying it, your mom can't say "I told you so". 

Langley may be a tiny bit far for some of us who live in the city, so Well Seasoned has come through and made their cookie dough tubs available online! Yes, ON-FREAKING-LINE! So wherever you are in Vancouver, or even across Canada, you can get stuff your face with cookie dough.

Well Seasoned is located at #117-20353 64 Ave and is open Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 6PM, and Sunday from 10AM to 5PM. Or, you can order their cookie dough online here.