Perched at the top of Vancouver, almost 200 ft high in the sky, is a boujee new bar and lounge that you probably haven't heard of yet... unless you love going to casinos that is.

Located on the rooftop of The Douglas building at Parq Vancouver, the city's newest (and probably fanciest) casino resort, is the stunning half indoor half outdoor D6 Bar & Lounge. Not only is the interior chic and luxurious, the views of the Vancouver skyline from the bar are a sight for sore eyes.

Serving a carefully curated list of cocktails, wines, and small bites, D6 Bar & Lounge is the perfect place to host a fancy birthday, take your S/O on a boujee night out, or even just cash in on your winnings from the casino. Get dressed up and indulge in an opulent experience.

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The bar is complete with a wooden slab countertop, a marble face, and bronze railings to finish. Take a step back and you'll see a fancy wooden pool table in front of a vintage-looking bookcase. Then just behind the bookcase is a "secret lounge" decorated in the 1920's art deco style.

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via @d6barandlounge

Oh, and I should probably mention that even the elevator that leads up to the D6 Lounge is boujee AF. Inside the elevator is a beautifully lit infinity mirror that makes you feel ask if you were travelling back in time, most likely to the time of Coco Chanel, Scott F. Fitzgerald, and Josephine Baker.

via @d6barandlounge

So what're you waiting for? It's Friday! D6 Bar & Lounge is located on the top level of The Douglas Building at Parq Vancouver, 39 Smithe St. Make your reservation here.