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There's An Actual Coffee Festival Happening In Vancouver This Weekend And It's Hip AF

Coffee isn't just a beverage, it's a lifestyle.

If you call yourself a true Vancouverite, then your soul must be sold to the kaffe king. You drink at least two coffees a day and you only go to cafes that make "good coffee". If this is you, then listen up because you're about to lose it.

Coming to Vancouver this weekend on Sunday, November 26, is the Beanstock Coffee Festival. This is the event that every coffee lover has "bean" waiting for. The Beanstock Festival will be a caffeine-fueled one-day-only event celebrating micro-roasters and "third wave coffee culture" of artisinal coffee roasters and professional baristas.

via @beanstockfest

Featuring unlimited high-quality coffee samples, your favourite local food vendors, coffee education sessions, live music, and an entire market dedicated to coffee selling everything from coffee making paraphernalia to speciality beans, this festival is about to get you buzzed.

The Beanstock Festival will be located at a spacious warehouse in the trendy up and coming neighbourhood of Railtown, at 298 Alexander St. Tickets start at $15, and you should get your hands on them fast because this is going to be a sold-out event.

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