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There's Going To Be A Massive 65-Foot Christmas Ferris Wheel In Vancouver Tomorrow

The most epic ferris wheel ever!
There's Going To Be A Massive 65-Foot Christmas Ferris Wheel In Vancouver Tomorrow

Last Christmas, Queen Elizabeth Park brought out the big guns with their holidayferris wheel. I, for one, can say it was a HUGE hit. If any of you remember the freezing cold December we had in Vancouver last year, I stood in line in that weather for about two hours to get on that ferris wheel.

But this year, there's going to be an even BIGGERferris wheel that you can go on... and it's absolutely free (though they do encourage a donation)! The oceanfront views from this 65-foot ferris wheel will be more beautiful than ever.

Returning to the Lower Lonsdale area in North Vancouver is the Shipyard's Christmas FestivalThis holiday season, they will be featuring a totally new massive Christmas ferris wheel - the "Sky Wheel". You can ride this ferris wheel tomorrow on Saturday, December 2 from 4 - 10PM and Sunday, December 3 from 10AM - 8PM.

This year's Shipyard's Christmas Market is going to be bigger and better than ever. There will be their annual Christmas market with live music and free hot chocolate for the first 500 people, and also an all new Winter Artisan Market at The Pipe Shop, perfect for Christmas gift shopping and finding new treasures to decorate your holiday-filled home. There will even be a massive Christmas tree lighting event at 5PM - a holiday spectacle you can't miss.

The Shipyards Christmas Market will be located at 15 Wallace Mews. Opening tomorrow, Saturday, December 2 at 4PM.

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