Vancouver is notoriously known for being a gloomy city with endless rain that just keeps pouring. But you know, we're proud of that because how else are you supposed to have an umbrella party with no rain?

Coming to Raincouver on the evening of Friday, November 3rd is the city's first umbrella party - an epic dance "rave" consisting of rain boots, rain jackets, and of course, umbrellas. Hosted by Party4Health, this "rave" celebrates the single thing our city loves to rag on - rain! Obviously.

The massive dance party will be located on the north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby St, facing Georgia St. So bring your rave gear, neon coloured umbrellas and rain boots...and prepared to get drenched.

Note: Beach Umbrellas are allowed at the Umbrella Party. Nov 3rd. #iloverain #itsrainingmen

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Though they call it a "rave", this party will get you high...the natural way. Party4Health is an organization that promotes a healthy party culture in which no drugs or alcohol are involved. So at this event, please refrain from use of any substances...though "caffeine doesn't count".

If this event itself isn't enough to convince you, read their hilarious disclaimer: "You acknowledge that dancing with umbrellas involves inherent risks, and you accept these risks. The risks include, but are not restricted to tripping/falling, getting poked, and hypothermia". I'm pretty sure that will change your mind. It's going to be epic.

For more info about the event, please click here.