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These 4 Hacks Can Save You $478 In Just One Weekend Of Skiing In Whistler

They work all season long. 💸⛷️

Western Canada Editor
These 4 Hacks Can Save You $478 In Just One Weekend Of Skiing In Whistler

If you love a good ski weekend in Whistler, but not so much the costs that come along with it, there are ways to save.

Skiing is a super expensive sport overall — with lift tickets, lodgings, food, and sometimes rentals.

It's also so worth the cost though. There's nothing like a weekend in Whistler, where you can ski with friends, hang out after, and spend a bunch of time outdoors.

It's the perfect winter activity to get yourself outside, inside of binge-watching Netflix all weekend.

Before you book your weekend away though, make sure to think about how much you want to spend. Things can add up quickly, but if you have time to prepare there are ways to cut down.

Follow these four hacks, and you can save about $478, or even more.

Book Your Tickets Early

If you book at least seven days in advance, you'll get a discount on lift tickets.

Depending on the month you book for, you'll save $30 on a two-day pass, just by booking a week early. If you wait to book until the day you arrive, you're going to be paying $60 more for your pass.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Meals can get pricey at a ski hill restaurant. Whistler village is full of cool bars and tasty eats, but if you're eating out the whole weekend it adds up.

If you eat breakfast and dinner at your Airbnb, why not pack a lunch and save some serious cash?

One of the pubs in the village called Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub sells their burger for $21. By just packing a sandwich, you could save your money for some après-ski beers instead!

If you go for the weekend, that saves you $42 right there. The more snacks you bring from home, the more you save.

Pick The Right Date

If you're flexible, try a few dates out on the Whistler website, and compare the prices.

Right now, a ticket for a weekend in February is $338 if you book in advance.

A two-day pass during a week in March is only $262. That's a $76 difference.

Try going outside of the busy season and during the week.

Don't Stay In The Village

An Airbnb for four people right in Whistler during the busy season is around $900 or more.

Squamish has places to stay for the same weekend for $300 or less. It's only a 45-minute drive away, and there are cheap bus options to get you to the hill.

If you don't mind a little drive in the morning, it's worth the savings.

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